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BREXIT – A NEW CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Brexit – A New Constitutional Crisis






From Grey to Red Granite – Allan Armstrong, RCN

FROM GREY TO RED GRANITE – Viewing the Left, the Scottish Question and the Nature of the UK State through the Lens of Neil Davidson’s Writings and Political Work

From Grey to Red Granite as PDF

British Government Threatens to Break International Law –So What’s New? – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Doctor Isaam Hijawi Prison Hunger Strike Victory – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Julian Assange – The Trial of the Century – Diem 25, Anne Conway, Dublin

Tories Enshrine Impunity for British Security Services in Law – Connor Beaton, Republican Socialist Platform

Fascism: Ireland’s Illusion of Immunity Begins to Pall – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Brexit Scam – Up the Garden Path with Leo and Boris – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Hunger Strikes in Support of Dr. Issam Hijawi – Working Class Club

Tribeca Belfast – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The EU Recovery Plan – Pulling Together or Falling Apart – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Cultural Appropriation – A Reactionary Debate – Gearoid O’Loingsidh, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Eviction of Migrants in Dublin During the Covid-19 pandemic – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Case for a Republican Socialist Internationalist Coalition for Scotland’s Independence – Allan Armstrong RCN

The Triumph of Ideology: John Hume and the Defeat of Irish Republicanism – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Latest Political Developments in Ireland: South and North

a) Dublin government suppressed the parliamentary Left, but exactly who are the Left? – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) New moves in the ~Northern Assembly – Sharing the spoils – A return to pragmatism – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Political Situation Ireland after the Formation of the Coalition Government

a) What is a shared border and is a border poll the answer?

b) Ireland finally forms a stable government – for 17 days!

Irish Government Hypocrisy

a) Ireland beats the rap on tax fraud – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Aer Lingus – Owing Your Soul to the company store – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

c) Debenham workers’ campaign – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The UK State, Right Populism and Reactionary Unionism in 2020 –: rUK it or fUK it? – Allan Armstrong. RCN

Ireland: Programme – for Government – Austerity with a Green Tinge – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Stormont Pushed Back Against Abortion Regulations – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The George Floyd Demonstrations in Ireland – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Daniel Finn, One Man’s Terrorist, Review by Connor Beaton, Red Pepper

Fantasy Football – the Irish Left and the Forming of a Left government – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Author: Brexit Hasn’t Gone Away – The View from Ireland – Socialist Democracy (Ireland

The Greens in government – Ireland has seen this movie before – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Kevin Keating – An Appreciation – Allan Armstrong, Irish Revolution blog, Gearoid O’ Loingsigh. Socialist Democracy (Ireland), Rayner O’Connor Lysaght

Ireland’s Framework for Government – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Big Pharma in Ireland – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Covid-19 Pandemic Cracks Façade of Unity at Stormont – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Competing Strategies in the Face of the Break-up of the UK – The Case for a Republican Socialist Alliance – Allan Armstrong, RCN

General Election– Podemos Comes to Ireland – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

From Illusions in a Lexit Brexit to a Disillusioned Exit from Brexit Politics – the December 12th General Election and Independent Socialists Across These Islands – Allan Armstrong, RCN

New Decade, New Approach – Welcome to Backstop Country – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Impact of the December 12th General Election Across These islands – Allan Armstrong. RCN

Protests and Political Rhetoric Punctures Complacency Over Racism in Ireland – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Sectarian Intimidation in Northern Ireland – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

From Pre-Brit to Ex-Brit: The Forging and the Break-up of Britishness – Allan Armstrong, RCN

From Pre-Brit to Ex-Brit as PDF

The Health Workers’ Strike, the Irish Trade Union Congress of Workers – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Rise of National Populism and Reactionary Unionism in the Run-up to the December 12th General Election – Allan Armstrong. RCN

Brexit mark: 2 Boris Dispels the Fog to Reveal Class War – An Irish Perspective – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Contradictions Underlying Brexit and Scottish Independence – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Scotland’s Secret Shame  – Brian Higgins, Republican Workers’ Tendency

A Nation Once Again? – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Republicans Address the ‘No to the ‘Coup’ Demos in Dundee and Edinburgh on August 31st

a) Mary McGregor’s speech

b) Allan Armstrong’s speech

Loyalist Bonfire Victory in Belfast – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Promoting Republicanism – Murdo Ritchie, RCN

British Government Expands Powers in the North – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Irish Nurses and the Failure of Social Partnership

a) Squaring the Circle – Government and union bureaucracy put the nurses back in their box – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Partnership and pay restraint –the economic foundations of the nurses’ pat deal

From Blatcherism to Maybynism – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Brexit and What it Means for Ireland

a) Analysis – Micro-politics isn’t enough: we must examine the partition of Ireland – David Jamieson, Commonspace

b) The precedent of right populist domination in Northern ~Ireland – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Corbyn, Labour and the Immigration Bill – A Dialogue, Allan Armstrong (RCN) , Phil Vellender (Chartist, RSA), Jeff Lever (RSA), Sue Sparks (RSA), Joe Healy (Left Unity Party, RSA), Robert Peston (The Spectator)

Another Europe Is Possible Conference, 10.12.18 – Alan Armstrong, RCN

British Government Expands Powers in the North – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Richie Venton, Class not Creed. 1968, review by Connor Beaton

The Irish State, the Catholic Church and the New Abortion Law

a) New abortion law – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Handover of national maternity hospital to church – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Failing governments in Ireland, South and North

a) Confidence and Supply Agreement extended – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) The #wedeserve better fantasy – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)


Reneging on Appeal: A New Threat to Abortion Rights in Ireland

UK – The Political Crisis Intensifies Over the Brexit deal – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

An Ireland Update – South and North

a) Irish presidential election:  an election without candidates – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Westminster direct rule: a new phase of direct rule – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Callum Macrae, Ballymurphy Precedent (film): Review by Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Frankie Goes to Ireland – D.R. O’Connor Lysaght, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

A Quiet Twelfth – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Still Talking About John Maclean – Gerry Cairns. Scottish Republican Socialist Movement

We are the Sacrifice – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Gerry Cairns, The Red and the Green – A Portrait of John Maclean – Review by Allan Armstrong, RCN

The 8th Amendment Referendum – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

20th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The End of the Road – The Collapse of the Northern Ireland Executive

a) The end of the road: The Irish settlement founders on the rock of language rights – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Class politics versus modernity – Gerry Fitzpatrick, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Gerry Cairns, The Red and the Green – A Portrait of John Maclean, a Review by Stephen Coyle, 1916 Rising Centenary Committee

Bernadette McAliskey, Sinn Fein and Civil Rights

a) Setting the record straight – Bernadette McAliskey, Platform

b) The civil rights debate is alive today – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Ousting of Barry McElduff – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)


Derry Solidarity with General Strike in Catalunya – IWW

Bombardier Boeing Dispute Threatens Workers in the North – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

London – The New Hanseatic League – John Tummon, Republican Socialist Alliance

Struggle or Starve: Working Class Unity in Belfast’s Outdoor Relief Riots

The Irish Language is for Everyone – Fergus O’Hare

Northern Ireland Update – The Continuing Impact of Reactionary Unionism

a) The zombie peace – calls to save Stormont – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Brexit and the Irish border – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Before and After Nationalism – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The Crown Corporation and the Royal Family Ltd, John Tummon, Republican Socialist Alliance

A Critique of Jeremy Corbyn and Left Social ~Democracy. Part 3 – Allan Armstrong, RCN

A Critique of Jeremy Corbyn and Left Social Democracy. Part 2 – Allan Armstrong, RCN

A Critique of Jeremy Corbyn and Left Social Democracy. Part 1 – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Taking a Closer Look at the reality of Northern Ireland

a) Bonfire of the vanities – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) The twelfth in Ireland – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

c) Blowback – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Varadkar Election as Fine Gael Leader Signals Further Right Shift – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Future is Bright, the Future is Orange – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Paddy Bort, 1953 – 2017 – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Stormont’s ‘Cash for Ash’ Scandal Continued – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Struggle for Abortion Rights in Ireland – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Reactionary Unionism Shows Its True Colours

a) The Stormont RHI Scandal and the Calls for Resignation: Why Stop at Arlene? – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Stormont Executive Bankrolls Loyalism – DUP/UDA alliance accepted by Sinn Fein – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)


Before and After Return of the Brute – Allan Armstrong, RCN

From the GPO to the Winter Palace, Rayner O’Connor Lysaght, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Which Way Now: Brexit tor Ex-Brit? – Allan Armstrong, RCN

From Farage’s Brexit to Trump’s “Brexit  plus, plus, plus” and on to Madame Frexit – Allan Armstrong, Alan Bissett, Brian Higgins, Paul Stewart,  John Tummon

James Connolly, the 1916 Easter Rising and the Durham Miners – David Temple, DMA Association

The reality of the European Democratic Revolution – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Ireland Exits UK – Steve Freeman, Republican Socialist Alliance

Apple and Ireland: Who Would Have Thought It? – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Brexit – Views from Ireland

a) Brexit the hangover – R. O’Connor Lysaght. Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Socialist Democracy Statement on the Brexit vote – end of an old order

Peoples, Nationalities, Nations, Nation-States and Nationalists – Allan Armstrong, RCN

June 24th –The FUKer’s Black Friday or Red Friday for the European Democratic Revolution – Allan Armstrong, RCN

An Open Letter to Lexiters, Allan Armstrong, RCN

Racism, imperial nostalgia and the EU referendum

a) Racism and the EU: A state of emergency Brendan McGeever – RISE

b) Brexit as nostalgia for empire – Nadine El-Enany. Lecturer on Law, Birkbeck College

c) Letter from John Tummon, Republican Socialist Alliance

Socialist Democracy (Ireland) – A Statement on the EU Referendum

First Hand Report of the 1916 Dublin Rising, Marxist Internet Archive

Orange Skirmish Highlights the Ongoing Sectarian Fractures in Northern Ireland – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

A Political Comparison Between the 2012-14 Scottish Independence Referendum and the 2016 EU Referendum Campaign – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The Centenary of the Irish Rebellion of 1916

a) Lenin and the Irish Rebellion of 1916 – Allan Armstrong, RCN

b) Lenin – the Irish Rebellion of 1916 – Marxists Internet Archive

c) Painting the pillar boxes green – The Irish counter-revolution in 2016 – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Easter Rising and the Soviet Union: An Untold Chapter of Ireland’s Great Rebellion – Brendan McGeever, Open Democracy

The UK State and Britishness – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Scotland and the Easter Rising, edited by Willy Maley

Saving Stormont: The Last Hurrah – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Making and the Breaking of the UK State – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Twenty Seventh Desmond Greaves Annual School 11th-13th September, 2015

The Impact of Reactionary Unionism on UK Politics

a) The killing of Kevin McGuigan – don’t speculate – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Belfast anti-internment march: choreography of collusion – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Thousands march in Belfast for Gay Marriage – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Mint with a Hole – A Nation not a Rabble: the Irish Revolution 1923- 23, Review by D.R. O’Coonor Lysaght, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

LBGT Rights in Ireland – A Beacon for Us All – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

None of the Above, – James Slaven, James Connolly Society

May Day Greetings- Steve Freeman – Republican Socialist candidate

Living the Peace Process in Reverse – Robbie McVeigh, Capital and Class

Republicanism and Democracy – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Anti-Water Charges Campaign – From Protests to Elections – J.M. Thorn, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Sinn Fein under Pressure from Workers – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Defining Republicanism – John Tummon, Republican Socialist Alliance

Sinn Fein Hypocrisy – Gerry Fitzpatrick. Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Left in the UK, the 2015 General Election Campaign and the Wider Impact of the Scotland’s Democratic Revolution – Allan Armstrong (RCN)

Water Charges Independent Mobilisation, New State Repression – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Promoting Republicanism – Murdo Ritchie, RCN

Rolling back Scotland’s ‘Democratic Revolution’ Allan Armstrong (RCN)

Stormont House Deal

a) Stormont House deal: two hammers to smash the workers – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Stormont House seal: sectarianism and austerity – twin pillars of reaction – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Bob Purdie, 1940-2014, D.R. O’Connor Lysaght, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Defying water charges in Ireland

a) No more the victim – Anne McShane – CPGB-WW

b) Will water charges be the end of Jack? – Eddie McLaughlin, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

c) The state, the media and the battle for hearts and minds – Eddie McLaughlin, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

STUC and ITUC (Northern Committee) Demonstrations on October 19th

a) After September 18th – bring real democracy into our unions – Trade Unionists for Independence (East Coast)

b) Trade unions and Stormont cuts: a walk in the park – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

After the September 18th Referendum Vote – A Socialist Republican Response – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Two Articles on Northern Ireland

a) Peter Robinson repudiates peace deal. Another step towards the abyss – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Paisley, the chief bigot is dead: The sectarian state lives on – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Importance of Republicanism – Bernadette McAliskey

The Continued Military Use of Shannon Airport – John Lannon, IMI-Standpunkt

Better Together, UKIP, the Orange Order and the UK State – What they have in Common – Allan Armstrong (RCN)

To Scotland with Love: A Report from the ‘London Says Yes’ Rally on September 5gh – Mark France, Left Unity Party, Republican Socialist Alliance

a) Why we have a Radical Independence Campaign – Allan Armstrong, Edinburgh RIC

b) Bernadette McAliskey

Ireland and Scotland – Mutual Solidarity – Andy Ashe (Edinburgh RIC) speaks to the annual James Connolly commemoration in Edinburgh

Up to and Beyond September 18th Independence Referendum – A Socialist Republican response – Allan Armstrong (RCN)

The Empire Strikes back – James Slaven, James Connolly Society

The Further Decline of the ‘New Unionist’ Settlement in Northern Ireland

a) On the runs – concessions to Sinn Fein were mere smoke and mirrors – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Racist attacks continue as Stormont Executive makes token concessions – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Making Plans for Nigel – Allan Armstrong (RCN)

Racism in Northern Ireland – Breaking the Bounds of Liberal Outrage – James Fearon, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Labour and Socialist Left Unionism in the Scottish Independence Debate – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Cultural Capitulation and Cultural Resistance in Ireland

a) GAA and Sky – Gombeen capitalists break the link with their supporters

b) An La Dearg – A bad day for Sinn Fein – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Adams Arrest – Sinn Fein responds to British attacks by calls to the dark side – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Exploitation, Oppression and Alienation – Emancipation, Liberation and Self Determination – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Winning Internationalist Allies in Ireland – E&L RIC Special Bulletin, May 2014

Let’s All End Our Abusive Relationship with the UK state – E&L RIC Special Bulletin, March 2014

Sinn Fein On the Run as Settlement Shifts Further to the Right – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Latvia and Ireland

a) Latvia – endpoint in the Race for the bottom – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Ireland’s new independence – an avalanche of corruption – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Eirigi Election Workers Assaulted by Garda Specials – eirigi

Human Rights are under threat in North of Ireland – Sandy Boyer, ITUC (Northern Committee), New York

Irish Budget 2014 – A Budget of Smoke and Mirrors Advancing an Agenda of Barbarism – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

New Issue of resistance from the Irish Socialist Network

Reactionary Unionism Pushes the Irish ‘Peace Process’ Further Right

a) Haas Talks Debacle – Decay of Irish Peace Process – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) A New Flag for the North of Ireland – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

c) State Violence – The Dead Past – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Ghost of James Connolly: Book launches – Irish Voice, John Lanigan (RCN), Iain Robertson (RCN)

Report of the James Connolly Society Conference in Edinburgh – James Slaven, James Connolly Society

Ireland to Exit Troika:  Old Ireland – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

2nd Radical Independence Conference – After the UK– The Future of 4 Nations

a) Bernadette McAliskey’s Contribution

b) The Scottish Republic and the English Commonwealth – Steve Freeman, Republican Socialist Alliance, England

c) Scotland – Republican Internationalism in the Struggle for Genuine Slef-Determination- Mary McGregor (RCN)

All videos by Patricia Kirk and John Lanigan (RCN)

Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey, Leila Doolan Director, Zofia Walczak

Why We Don’t Wear a Poppy – Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society

10th Anniversary of the Dublin Lock-Out – Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society

DUP Bigots Move to Restrict Abortion Rights – J. M. Thorne, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Two Irish-themed Events at the 17th Edinburgh Radical Book Festival

Haas Talks – the Illusion of a Progressive Role for Imperialism

a) The Haas Talks – J. M. Thorn, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) Unionists Set the Tone for the New Society – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Seamus Heaney – The Death of an “Internal Émigré”, Mary McGregor (RCN)

Crisis in the Irish `Peace Process’ – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Ireland and the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Republican Socialist Alliance, 6.7.13

a) Report of the Republican Socialist Alliance meeting in London, 6.7.13 – Steve Freeman, Republican Socialist Alliance

b) The case for a ‘break-up of the UK’ and ‘internationalism from below’ in response to the British unionist State – Allan Armstrong, RCN

An Orgy of Orange Bigotry and Hypocrisy

c) Trying to manage Loyalist violence whilst ignoring Orange bigotry – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

d) The logic of Orange bigotry -Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

G8 Summit at Enniskillen

a) Saving the Peace – The informal agenda of the G8 Summit – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) PSNI target eirigi members in clampdown on G8 opposition in Belfast – eirigi

c) Ireland – A country dominated by imperialism – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

d) Anti-G8 – report of activity – eirigi

Ireland, Union Strategy, Keynes and the Debt – James Fearon, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

A Shared Future in the North of Ireland? – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Offensive Behaviour and the Independence Referendum – Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society

Republic Day Speech – Allan Armstrong, Edinburgh RIC

Good Friday Agreement – Thatcher’s Progressive Legacy? – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Bedroom Tax in Northern Ireland – eirigi

Adrian Kerr, Free Derry: Protest and Resistance. – review by Dave Douglass

Twisting Facts to Suit British Law – eirigi

The “carnival of reaction” continues – James Fearon, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Belfast Flag Riots and the Scottish Dimension – Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society

The Pat Finucane Case – Another State Cover-up – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Better Together – With Friends Like These

Belfast Flag Riots, John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

A Debate on the Way Forward for the Radical Independence Conference, Allan Armstrong, RCN

Lecky Decision “Absolutely Shameless” – eirigi

MI5 – They haven’t gone away you know

a) Shining a light on the shadows – eirgi

b) Eirigi slam arrest and detention of member as political policing – eirigi

We have heartbeats too – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Genuine Self-determination Means Acting as Republicans Now, Allan Armstrong, RCN

Ireland and the Broader Consequences of the 2014 Scottish Referendum – Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society

The End of the Road for the ULA?

a) ULA- Ireland – sectarian self-annihilation – Anne McShane, CPGB-WW

b) Suicide of the socialists – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Sectarianism Hardwired under the ‘Peace Process’ – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

a) Covenant marches promise endless sectarianism – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

b) RUC riches show emptiness of Patten reform – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

€9 worth of Criminal Damage to Gilmore’s Car – eirigi

The Orange Frankenstein marches forth again

In the Aftermath of Ballymurphy – eirigi

The Political Significance of the Merger of Physical Force Republicans

a) The merger of physical force Republicans – Tommy McKearney, Fourthwrite

b) New IRA – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland) – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Reports from Ireland – North and South

a) Girdwood Plan – Sectarianism trumps social need

b) County Cavan – Ireland in microcosm

Martin McGuinness shakes hands with Elizabrit – Breandan MacCionnaith, eirigi

Marian Price Campaign

a) From Belmarsh to Belmont – Bernadette McAliskey

b) Dublin City Council supports Marian Price

Price Demonstration Shows Growing Anger at the Return of Internment – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Northern Ireland – Education Case Study Illustrates Sectarian Reality – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The New Northern State – A Stable Solution? – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Silent Retreat of the United Left Alliance – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Getting Over the Hee Bee GBs – New Pamphlet – Allan Armstrong, RCN


Three reviews of Allan Armstrong’s From Davitt to Connolly, Jim Monaghan, Irish Labour History Society, J.R., CPI, Ted Crawford, Marxist Internet Archives

The Provisional IRA: From Insurrection to Parliament by Tommy McKearney with introduction by Paul Stewart, Red, Orange and Blue – A review by Allan Armstrong, RCN

Turlough McDaid, 1930-2012 – Obituary, Allan Armstrong. RCN

A Republican Realignment John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Tommy McKearney’s new book – The IRA – From Insurrection to Parliament – song by Brian McGarvey, Independent Workers Union

A new review of From Davitt to Connolly, Tara O’Sullivan, Red Banner

A Political Report on the ‘Reclaiming Our Trade Unions’ conference in Dublin – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

After May 5th – A Looming Constitutional Crisis? – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Review of From Davitt to Connolly – Chris Gray

Trade Unions in the Twenty First Century

a) Trade Unions – Are They Fit for Purpose? – Global Commune Event

b) Talk given to the Independent Workers Union Conference in Dublin on 4.4.09 – Allan Armstrong – SSP International Committee


Internationalism From Below Book Launch, Allan Armstrong

The Communist Case for ‘Internationalism from Below’ – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Report of the Second Global Commune meeting, 22.5.10 – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Report of the Second Republican Socialist Convention, 13.2.10


The Legacy of James Connolly – Allan Armstrong (RCN) interviews Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society

James Connolly – ‘An unrepentant revolutionist’ – Jim Slaven (James Connolly Society)

Lisbon Treaty Passed in Second Referendum – J. M. Thorn, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

August 1969 – Patricia Campbell, Independent Workers Union

Deirdre Mccartin, 1944-2009, Rayner O’Connor Lysaght, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Inside Ulster Unionism – Ed Walsh, Irish Socialist Network

Sinn Fein’s ‘Michael Collins Moment’ – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Challenging Normalisation on the Streets of Belfast – Brian Leeson, eirigi

Dublin mobilisation – Lions led by donkeys – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Internationalism from Below – Allan Armstrong, RCN


Republican Socialist Convention Report

Letter agreed (10.3.2008) at SSP International Committee to be sent out to organisations in Ireland, Wales and England

Motion Passed at SSP Conference in October 2007

Respect Split – Ed Walsh, Irish Socialist Network

Paisley’s Legacy – Matt Seigfried


To See Oursels as Ithers See Us! – The Crisis in the SSP, Irish Socialist Network

Bono Finally Finds What He’s Been Looking For – a Knighthood – J.M. Thorn, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Past Mustn’t Stand In Way of Future – Belfast Telegraph

Irish Election; Downturn in Workers’ Struggles Means Teflon Bertie Rides Again – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Sinn Fein Ard Fheis and the Collapse of Republicanism – Joe Craig, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)


We Salute Your Democracy, Equality and Accountability! – Irish Socialist Network
Choreography of the Pratfall – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Cooperating in the International Struggle Against Imperialism and for Socialist Republicanism – Allan Armstrong, RCN

An Electoral Alliance for the 2007 Local Elections? – Scott MacCreamhain

Glasgow Commemorates Bloody Sunday – Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society


Empty Bombast Marks the End of the IRA – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

In Memory of Miriam Daly – James Daly


Loyalist reaction the dominant theme at the Social Democratic and Labour Party deathbed – Andrew Johnson and John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Nothing Surprising and Nothing New – The Irish Republican Socialist Party

Northern Ireland elections lay bare the contradictions of imperialist rule – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)


Ireland’s Good Friday Agreement the end and no perhaps – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)


Goodbye to the Good Friday Agreement, John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Northern Ireland – Is the peace process under threat? No, but the working class is! – Workers’ Fight

Colombia, the IRA, US and Manifest Destiny – Matt Seigfried

Irish Socialists appeal for support in stand against sectarianism – Belfast International Socialists and Socialist Democracy

Republican Forum: A way forward for republicanism – Irish Republican Socialist Party

James Connolly’s appeal on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee In 1897


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