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glass water pipe 19

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Sep 05 2015

cheap glass pipes 75

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3 telecom adrs to consider before china’s economy rises

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Sep 04 2015


The world has been alerted to the horror of the current refugee crisis by the photograph of Aylan Kurdi, a three-year old Syrian Kurd from Kohane,  on the beach at Bodrum in Turkey, drowned after trying to make it with is family across to the Greek islands. In 1972, another photo of a young girl, this time from Vietnam suffering from napalm burns inflicted after a US airstrike, caused similar outrage, and contributed to the turn of public opinion against that war.

Today it is Cameron’s UK government which stands exposed in its utter callousness towards the refugee crisis. Yet, British imperial involvement in the Middle East has contributed to the exodus of many of the refugees fleeing the consequences of successive UK government’s (both Labour and Conservative) military interventions.

Below we are posting an article by Mary McGregor (RCN), from the current issue, no.24, of Emancipation & Liberation, which makes the simple humanitarian call – “Let them in.”


A young Vietnamese girl suffering USAF inflicted napalm burns in 1972

A young Vietnamese girl suffering USAF inflicted napalm burns in 1972

The drowning of 3 year old Kurdish Syrian refugee, Aylan Kurdi found on a Turkish beach

The drowning of 3 year old Kurdish Syrian refugee, Aylan Kurdi found on a Turkish beach











In this article I intend not to use the following terms: migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. The media and establishment have successfully imbued each of these terms with negative connotations. They are conflated, misrepresented and fed into the narrative that is seeking to portray anyone trying to come to this country as people to be reviled and feared.

It is very difficult to write about the “migrant crisis” in anything like an unemotional way. Well it is for people with any semblance of humanity about them. If you have been able to resist the sinister narrative that describes people trying to enter the UK in contravention of our immigration controls in non-human terms, then what you see on the shores at Calais is not a “horde” or a “swarm” or an “invasion” but the human collateral, the tragic consequences for men, women and children of a world where capitalism and imperialism continues to reek havoc with people’s lives.

The causes of this so-called crisis are well documented – war, poverty and oppression – leading people to take the most desperate of measures to find safety. The role played by the UK In creating the conditions are even grudgingly acknowledged by the British press. However, the “solutions” put forward are in some cases not only racist but are uncomfortably reminiscent of fascism.

The British right have exploited ignorance and fear amongst current UK residents to the extent that there is huge support for a draconian response. The plight of the holiday makers caught up in the Calais chaos receives more concern than the thousands who are risking everything in order to reach these shores. The calls for stricter border controls, extra fences and dogs and even calls for the Ghurkhas are the tip of an iceberg which may end in mass internment camps. Ultimately the dehumanisation of these courageous, ingenious people who have made it so far against all the odds is devoid of compassion understanding and morality. We are not talking about folk who just fancy a change of scenery, or think Britain is a soft touch for benefits we are talking of those who have endured hardship which most of us cannot even imagine.

When you look at the reality of this “invasion” the numbers trying to access Britain is very small indeed. Having refused to sign up to any European quota, the UK has shown utter contempt for human life. Whether they are facing drowning on the coasts of Italy or huddling in makeshift refugee camps in Greece, our government has washed its hands of responsibility. The idea that Britain is full and would be swamped is a nonsense perpetuated by the right and the racists and given credence by both Tory and Labour as they lurch after votes. They too are culpable in feeding the myths which encourage xenophobia. I had to laugh when potential food shortages were cited as a possible consequence of the Calais blockade. Really? Food shortages? Tell it to people already reliant on food banks here or those from parts of the world where conflict or famine has meant life scraping food from wherever they can!

It was heartening to see a small group of protesters challenge the EDL and Britain First at Folkstone but their small numbers left them vulnerable to attack. The left in this country need to lead a much larger, more militant campaign in defence of those hoping to come to Britain. We should be demanding an opening of these borders in both political and humanitarian grounds. For this to be successful however, we must change the narrative. The fightback must include an educational process on how and why these people have fled their own countries, risked their lives and the lives of their families and what their expectations are of coming to live here. They do not want to scrounge or live on benefits but want to work and contribute their not inconsiderable skills to creating a decent life for themselves and others.

By allowing the 5000 or so people to come here, we would stop the conflict between them and the haulage drivers, many of whom are sympathetic to their plight but who are forced into an aggressive position due to the severe fines they face if caught with them in their vehicles. We need to help those who arrive on our shores to settle, not in ghettoes but throughout the UK and services must be bolstered to cope with the numbers arriving. The fear created by the establishment will not be borne out by the reality if the situation is managed properly.

Right now though we need to be on the offensive. We must take action now through demonstrations and practical support for those trying to get here. The slogans of No one is illegal and Refugees are welcome here should be the watchwords of our campaigns.



also see The No One Is Illegal special election issue at:-


Other article from the Emancipation & Liberation blog:-

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Sep 03 2015

Emancipation & Liberation, no 23

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The links to the articles in Emancipation & Liberation, issue no 23, produced for the third RIC Conference in the Glasgow Auditorium in November 22nd, 2014 will be posted here shortly.








Sep 01 2015


Steve Freeman of the Republican Socialist Alliance, who stood as a socialist republican and anti-Unionist candidate in Bermondsey in the General Election, makes his political assessment of the Corbyn campaign for the leadership of the Labour Party.





The fall and rise of Social Democracy and the re-division of the left

The incredible and unbelievable arrival of the movement to elect Jeremy Corbyn MP to be leader of the Labour Party has taken all the left by surprise. It is a happy shock and one to welcome. Its impact is yet to become clear but no doubt it will have a significant impact on socialist movement. The Corbyn movement should not be seen as an isolated event but as part of a chain of events which reflect the course of the class struggle.

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Sep 01 2015


In the struggle over the future of the UK, the main battle is being conducted between the SNP pushing for a liberal unionist ‘Devo-Max’ agenda (looking for support from a possibly Corbyn-led Labour Party, Plaid Cymru and the Greens) and the conservative unionist alliance led by David Cameron, with the tacit acceptance of  ‘One Nation’ Labour and the Lib-Dems. However, there is a third unionist force, the reactionary unionists consisting of UKIP, the Tory Right and Ulster unionists, backed by the loyalists.

The following two articles from Socialist Democracy (Ireland) cover recent events which show the impact of reactionary unionism in the ‘Six Counties’. Here, reactionary unionism continues to make political advances, seeking to undermine the liberal-unionist Good Friday Agreement (GFA). These articles show how Sinn Fein’s acceptance of the liberal-unionist road to Irish unity through the devolved institutions of the UK state (i.e. Stormont) is looking increasingly like a dead-end. The UK state is more and more able to dictate the political direction of events, threatening to evict Sinn Fein form the post-GFA political set-up, if it does not fully cooperate with austerity. 

Reactionary unionism can not be ignored over here, because UKIP, in particular, seeks to use Northern Ireland as a model of how to undermine liberal unionism, the better to clamp down on any more radical alternatives. And when the chips are down, liberal unionists will also turn to reactionary unionism for support. Glasgow Labour Council’s current flirtations with the Orange Order and other Loyalists are just one indiction of this.  

The forthcoming European referendum will largely be fought on conservative (Cameron and his Labour and Lib-Dem allies from the old ‘Better Together’ alliance) versus reactionary unionist (UKIP and the Tory Right) terms. The prospect of the ‘Six Counties’ breaking their current links with the 26 Counties within the EU is a particularly enticing prospect for reactionary unionists and loyalists. They want to turn the clock back and reintroduce old-style Partition.  

As republican socialists we need to mount our own ‘internationalism from below’ alliance covering not only Scotland, England, Wales and the whole of Ireland, to counter the threat of  reactionary and conservative unionism and the limitations of liberal unionism. Furthermore, this needs extending to bring together the European Left  to defend migrant workers and asylum seekers, targeted both by the reactionary and conservative unionists, with minimal opposition from liberal unionists.



The Stormont road to a united Ireland?

The Stormont road to a united Ireland?

In October 2013 Kevin Kearney was shot dead in North Belfast by an anti-agreement republican group. Immediately after the killing Gerry Kelly of Sinn Fein identified the group responsible and provided detailed information about the background.

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Aug 20 2015


We are posting this  review by Colin Barker (RS21) of Satnam Virdee‘s book Racism, Class and the Racialized Outsider. This book is an important contribution to the debates around race and class. It was first published in the Spring 2015 issue of rs21 magazine. It can also be seen at:–





Satnam Virdee has written an important book. It is a history of working-class struggles to win economic and social gains, and to gain access to democracy in Britain, viewed through the prism of ‘race’.

From the start, English and then British capitalism was founded on imperial expansion, drawing under its control large parts of the world, and ‘importing’ into its territory large numbers of people from the lands it conquered, colonised and robbed. Yet many accounts of British working class development are silent on the presence and the impact of migrants, their sufferings and resistance, and the vital ‘racial politics’ that shaped both the major waves of popular resistance and the troughs between them.

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Aug 12 2015




The Republican Communist Network (RCN) affiliated to the Scottish Left Project after our aggregate held in Glasgow on 27th July. This was addressed by Jonathon Shafi. Previous to this, our members had been involved in meetings to bring people together in Edinburgh and Dundee. We have also sent delegates to the SLP national forums in Glasgow to prepare for the launch of the new organisation [1].

The RCN was formed originally as a platform within the Scottish Socialist Alliance in 1998. We continued as a platform within the Scottish Socialist Party until January 2012 [2]. We became involved in the setting up of the Radical Independence Campaign affiliating at its first conference in Glasgow in November 2012 [3].

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Aug 07 2015






Steve Kaczynski has been held in a Turkish prison since April 2nd. He was taken, along with centre workers and the best-selling political band Grup Yorum, in a raid on the Idil Cultural Centre in the Ortaköy district of Istanbul. Steve has not been charged with any offense, has been held in severe isolation, and has been on hunger strike.
Continue reading “FREE STEVE KACZYNSKI”

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Aug 05 2015

WHAT THE FUK? – Fascist UK, Britannia and the Far Right

Gavin Bowd’s book Fascist Scotland, Caledonia and the Far Right has given succour to unionist opponents of Scottish self-determination. Allan Armstrong (RCN) provides a republican and international socialist critique.


Fascist UK, Britannia and the Far Right



1) What is a fascist organisation?

Gavin Bowd’s book, Fascist Scotland, Caledonia and the Far Right, contains a lot of useful material about far right writings, culture and organisation in Scotland since the 1920s. However, Bowd does not define what he means by fascism, nor distinguish it from other forms of reactionary or right populist politics. These often invoke similar chauvinist, ethnic or racist themes. The purpose behind Bowd’s lack of clarity over the political basis of fascism only emerges gradually.
Continue reading “WHAT THE FUK? – Fascist UK, Britannia and the Far Right”

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