The SSP agrees to contact socialists in England, Ireland and Wales to discuss a republican socialist
strategy to counter current US and British plans to maintain imperial control over these islands on behalf of the global corporations. If the initial discussions prove fruitful then the SSP should, if possible, organise a conference in 2008 to bring together socialists from across the UK and Ireland.

The SSP suggests the following discussion points (to which others could add):-

  • a) A socialist republican strategy to challenge US/UK imperial plans & to advance the break-up the UK state.
  • b) Opposition to NATO and the ‘Partnership for Peace’.
  • c) Opposition to the British state’s Crown Powers and plans to reform the UK constitution to stabilise imperial control of these islands.
  • d) Opposition to moves by the nationalist parties, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Sinn Fein, and the Irish government, to collaborate with US/UK imperial plans.
  • e) Support for the socialist principle of ‘People not Profits’ and opposition to ‘Social Partnerships’.
  • f) Support for the republican principle of ‘Citizens not Subjects’.
  • g) International support for the principles of the Calton Hill Declaration.
  • h) Support for republican socialist advance in these islands based on the principles of democracy and secularism.

If the SSP organises a conference in 2008 to discuss a republican socialist strategy then the International Committee should decide on a full list of organisations and individuals who are to be invited to participate.