Mar 25 2010

Emancipation & Liberation, Issue 19, Spring 2010

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Issue 19 of Emancipation & Liberation is out now.

Issue 19 Cover

Issue 19 Cover

If you would like to buy this issue or subscribe, contact us. This will be available at the Dunblane Conference.

Comments are open, so until articles are online, feel free to discuss the articles below. When they are online you can discuss the article in it’s comment section.

  • Editorial, RCN
  • Global Commune day school report, Mary McGregor
  • RCN extends its platform points, RCN
  • 2nd Republican Socialist Convention, Allan Armstrong
  • Militant anti-fascism: the achievements of Scotland’s Anti-Fascist Alliances, YK
  • British nationalism and fascism, Chris Ford
  • The new Hillsborough Agreement, John McAnulty
  • Independence Referendum, RCN
  • Revive the Declaration of Calton Hill for the Diamond Jubilee, Angela Gorrie
  • Iceland joins the ‘Arc of Resistance’, Mimir Kristjansson
  • Business as usual for Israeli Apartheid, David Landy
  • Tibet – A country suffering from Chinese imperial repression, Rod MacGregor
  • The Alberto Durango Campaign, David Broder
  • Campaign to fight the Blacklist and to support Brian Higgins
  • John Venables – The lynch mob and our ‘broken society’, Adam Ford
  • The North must have its own inquiry into child sex abuse, Bernadette McAliskey
  • Notes from Copenhagen, Eric Chester
  • Book review: The Lost Revolution: The Story of the Official IRA and the Workers Party, Colm Breatnach
  • White Pete, Jim Aitken
  • Word Power – an interview with Elaine Henry, Allan Armstrong

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