The Republican Communist Network and the Republican Communist Forum have been at the centre of the campaign to build support for republicanism in Scotland. This has involved upholding republicanism as the  sovereignty of the people against the UK’s  sovereignty of the Crown-in-Westminster. We have  criticised those who limit republicanism to anti-monarchism, which can provide cover for imperial (e.g. USA), one-party (e.g. China) and military (e.g. Myanmar) republics. And in keeping  with our principle of supporting ‘internationalism from below’, we have also covered republicanism in Ireland, Wales, England and  Catalunya. Here we provide links to articles we have posted since the RCN’s founding in 2002.





Benjamin Zephaniahs break- up of the UK and republican dimension

Stuff ‘one person’ leadership – Mike MacNair, Weekly Worker

Ode to the Scottish Republic – George Gunn

Scotland’s travails from England (or Scotland’s travails and England’s woes)

Announcing the 2023 Declaration of Calton Hill

RIC reconstituted and the 2023 Declaration of Calton Hill

For a Republican all-islands ‘internationalism from below’ coalition – an update  – Allan Armstrong, RCF, RSP


The British monarchy: a “glorious” feudal class in 21st century trappings – Communist Union

70 years of failure – Phil Vellender & Steve Freeman, RSA, Chartist

The British royal family and its contribution to humanity – Georoid Loingsigh, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Imposed insanity – royalty, propaganda and the coming catastrophe – Media Lens

Unions and ‘left’ politicians backing a national unity project is a bad idea, actually – Joe Glenton, The Canary

Game of thrones – Mike Small, bella caledonia

The reign of Elizabrit – 70 years of imperialist and unionist violence – Allan Armstrong, RCF, RSP

The radical history of English republicanism – Martin Rush, The Tribune

A flag for a future republic – George Gunn, bella caledonia

Developing the case for a republican, all-islands, ‘internationalism from below’ coalition – Allan Armstrong, RCF, RSP

People of Belize reject Will and Kate: Jamaica’s about to do the same – Eliza Egret, The Canary

Prologue to democratic revolution, part 2 – Allan Armstrong, RCF, RSP

From pre-Brit to ex-Brit update – Allan Armstrong, RCF, RSP



Flag Commission stalemate – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Slow motion civil war in the USA – Daniel Lazare, Weekly Worker

What does the union flag tell us about the UK? – Allan Armstrong, RCF, RSP

Crossing the Rubicon – Sinn Fein becomes Fianna fail mark 2 – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Approaching train wreck – Daniel Lazare, Weekly Worker

The SWP and Scottish independence, part 2: To party or not to party? – Allan Armstrong, RCF, RSP

The SWP and Scottish independence, part 1: Breakin’ up is so hard to do – Allan Armstrong, RCF

Twelfth festival of hate: the state moves to support Loyalism – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The May 6th elections and beyond – Allan Armstrong, RCF, RSP

The power grab in the queen’s speech – Mike Small, bella caledonia

After the funeral Loyalists stage a show but the real drama is offstage – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The opportunist prince – Eddie Ford, Weekly Worker

Continuing shambles from Brexit to ex-Brit – Peter Middleton

Alex Salmond, the Holyrood enquiry and the Scottish Left – a republican response – Allan Armstrong, RCF, RSP

Beyond leek flavoured Ukism – Undod, Red Pepper

Freedom come all ye : resisting the RIC terminators – Allan Armstrong, RCN, RSP

Republican symbolism – Johnnie Gallacher, RSP

Brexit: a new constitutional crisis– Steve Freeman, RSN and Socialist Democracy (Ireland)



What is the Crown and what is republicanism? – Johnnie Gallacher, RSP

US crisis and Repocratic politics – Daniel Lazare, Weekly Worker

The British Left and the UK state – Allan Armstrong, RCN

From grey to red granite: Viewing the Left, the Scottish Question and the nature of the UK state through the lens of Neil Davidson’s writings – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Constitutional action in unconstitutional times: independence and the legalism trap – Seamus McGuigan, RSP

Labour’s historical defeat in Scotland – Steve Freeman, RSA

The case for a republican socialist coalition for Scotland’s independence – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The UK state, right populism and reactionary unionism in 2020: rUK it or fUK it? – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The crisis of the Labour Party – Steve Freeman, RSA

Bernie Sanders and the US state – Daniel Lazare, Weekly Worker

The Labour Left alliance and royal socialism – Steve Freeman, RSA

Bernie Sanders and the US constitution: explosive contradictions

Competing strategies in the face of the break-up of the UK and the case for a socialist republican ‘internationalism from below’ alliance – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The December 12th general election and independent socialist across these islands – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The impact of the December 12th general election cross the constituent parts of the UK – Allan Armstrong, RCN

From Pre-Brit to Ex-Brit – Allan Armstrong, RCN



The continued rise of right populism and reactionary unionism in the run up to the December 12th general election– Allan Armstrong, RCN

The Fight for Scotland’s Republic – Campaign for a European Republican Socialist Party

The contradictions underlying Brexit and Scottish independence – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Republicans address the ‘No to the coup’ demos in Dundee and Edinburgh on August 31st – Mary McGregor and Allan Armstrong, RCN

It’s the constitution stupid: After the Boris ‘coup’ let’s fUK it! – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Promoting Republicanism – Murdo Ritchie, RCN

Brian Higgins: a personal and political tribute – Allan Armstrong, RCN



Edinburgh, October 6th: a rallying call for the Left- Allan Armstrong, RCN

The struggle for a Catalan Republic, – Eric Chester, RCN and SSP motion

The royal wedding: providing political cover for the UK state’s Crown Powers – Eddie Ford, Weekly Worker



All Hail the Catalan Republic – The Campaign for a European Republican Socialist Party

A critique of Jeremy Corbyn and British Left social democracy, part 2  – Allan Armstrong, RCN

A critique of Jeremy Corbyn and British Left social democracy, part 1  – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Two revolutions? – Steve Freeman, RSP, Weekly Worker

Address to the Left Unity conference on June 24th – Allan Armstrong, RCN, RISE

RIC Edinburgh statement on the June 8th general election – RIC Edinburgh

The Commonwealth of England, Steve Freeman, RSA and LUP



Scotland’s Republic – Steve Freeman, RSA and LUP

Which way now: Brexit or ex-Brit? – Allan Armstrong, RCN

St. Andrew’s Day or John Maclean Day? – Allan Armstrong, RCN, SSP

For an international republican politics in that adapts to  21st century terrains of struggle – John Tummon, RSA

Report of meeting to set up the Campaign for a European Republican Socialist Party – CfaESRP

The reality of the European democratic revolution – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Report of the Republican Socialist Alliance meeting in Wakefield – Steve Freeman, RSA

June 24th: Black Friday or Red Friday for a European Democratic Revolution – Allan Armstrong, RCN

European Democratic Revolution: a statement from the Republican Socialist Alliance  – RSA

Hillsborough: the Crown in the dock – Steve Freeman and Phil Vellender , RSA, Chartist

A political comparison between the 2012 -14 Scottish independence campaign and the 2016 EU referendum campaign – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Report of the Republican Socialist Forum meeting in Stockport, 12th March – Steve Freeman, RSA

The UK state and Britishness – Allan Armstrong, RCN



The making and the breaking of the UK state – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Open letter to RISE launch from republican socialists and anti-unionists in England- Steve Freeman, RSA

The impact of reactionary unionist politics on UK politics – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The RCN and the Scottish Left Project – RCN

What the FUK?: Fascist UK, Britannia and the far Right – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Their Royal Heilnesses – John Tummon, RSA

The 2015 general election and the next steps for republican socialism – Steve Freeman, RSA

The royal lion, the English bear and the Scottish fox – Steve Freeman, RSA

Why a republican perspective is important – Bob Goupillot and Iain Robertson, RCN

Support the struggle for meaningful self-determination in a Scottish democratic and secular republic – RCN

RISE- Scotland’s left alliance, completing Scotland’s democratic revolution – RCN

None of the above – Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society and Murdo Ritchie, RCN

Anti-unionism and the working class in England – Steve Freeman, RSA

Republicanism and democracy – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Defining republicanism – John Tummon, RSA

The Scottish Left Project – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Sinn Fein hypocrisy – Gerry Fitzpatrick, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Appeals to the Radical Independence Campaign and to Republican Socialists in England – Steve Freeman, RSA

The Left in the UK: the 2015 general election and the wider impact of Scotland’s democratic revolution – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Promoting Republicanism – Murdo Ritchie, RCN

Rolling back Scotland’s democratic revolution – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The RCN and the campaign for Scottish self-determination – RCN



England says ‘Yes’! – Murdo Ritchie, RCN

A constitution for the Commonwealth of England – Steve Freeman, RSA and LUP

After the September 18th referendum vote: a socialist t republican response – Allan Armstrong, RCN

After the referendum – Steve Freeman, RSA and Paul Feldman, a World to Win

The importance of republicanism – Bernadette McAliskey, London Says ‘Yes’

England: nationalism versus republicanism – Steve Freeman, RSA

RIC: a Scottish republican movement in the making – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Weeks when decades happen – Murdo Ritchie, RCN

Message from Edinburgh RIC to the ‘Go For It Scotland’ rally in Cardiff on September 13th – Edinburgh RIC

The Scottish referendum: the crown versus the people, England’s case for supporting ‘Yes’– Steve Freeman, RSA

Better Together, UKIP and the Orange Order: what they have in common – Allan Armstrong, RCN

To Scotland with love : a report from ‘London Says Yes’ rally on September 6th – Mark France, LUP

Up to and beyond the September 18th independence referendum: a socialist republican view – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Wales and Scottish independence – Leanne Wood, president of Plaid Cymru

The empire strikes back – Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society

Solidarity from England – Scottish Republic Yes Tendency, LUP

Making plans for Nigel: a socialist republican analysis of the UK and ‘New Unionism’ in the light of the ride of UKIP  and the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum

Labour and Socialist unionism and the Scottish independence debate – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Solidarity with Scotland speaking tour: reports form from England – Alan Story and Steve Freeman, Scottish Republic Yes tendency, LUP

Just say yes: a review of ‘Yes the radical case for independence’ by James Foley and Pete Ramand – Murdo Ritchie, RCN

Martin McGuiness at the royal banquet – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Emancipation & Liberation RIC special bulletin, May 2014 – RCN

Exploitation, oppression and self-determination – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Emancipation & Liberation RIC special bulletin March 2014 – RCN

Internationalism from below in action at the Left Unity conference and the Radical Independence Campaign national forum – Steve Freeman, RSA

Let’s all end out abusive relationship with the UK state – RCN

Hands off the people of Scotland – Steve Freeman, RSA and LUP

Republican socialist candidate for the executive of the LUP – Steve Freeman, RSA, LUP

Republican Socialist Alliance in England responds to Cameron and Osborne – Steve Freeman, RSA, LUP

Alex Salmond and the written constitution – Murdo Ritchie, RCN

Republicanism and Left Unity – Steve Freeman, RSA and LUP



Reactionary unionism pushes the Peace Process further to the sectarian Right – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Freedom Come All Ye: the new RCN banner – E&L EB

Report of the James Connolly Society conference, 12th October in Edinburgh – Jim Slaven, JCS

RIC and the Catalan struggle – Adam Majo, CUP

‘The Ghost of James Connolly’ book launch – Irish Voice, John  Lanigan, RCN and Iain Robertson, RCN

2nd RIC conference; ‘After the UK, the future of 4 nations’ – Bernadette McAliskey, Steve Freeman RSA, Mary McGregor, RCN

The Scottish Republic and the Commonwealth of England – Steve Freeman, RSA

Scottish self-determination: for a wannabe Scottish ruling class of for Scotland’s people – RCN

The case for the Republican Socialist Platform in the Left Unity Party in England – RSA (England)

Scottish self determination for a wannabe Scottish ruling class or for Scotland’s people – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Republic Day speech – Allan Armstrong, RCN and Edinburgh RIC

Good Friday Agreement: Thatcher’s progressive legacy? – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Riding two horses at once- The SWP and Scottish independence – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Allan Armstrong replies to David Jamieson (ISG), part 1 – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Belfast: the carnival of rection continues – James Fearon, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

David Jamieson of the ISG replies to Allan Armstrong – David Jamieson, ISG

The Belfast flag riots and the Scottish dimension – Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society



Radisson-Blu or post-Radisson Red? – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The Belfast flag riots – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

A debate on the way forward for the Radical Independence Campaign – Allan Armstrong

Genuine self-determination means acting as republicans now – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The Declaration of Calton Hill- SSP and others

The Radical Independence campaign, which way forward? – Murdo Ritchie

Scottish self-determination and the ‘actually existing’ Labour movement – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Britain must break’ to defend real Labour or the break-up of the UK to advance republican socialism –Allan Armstrong, RCN

The political significance of the merger of physical force Republicans – Tommy McKearney, IWU and John McAnulty (Socialist Democracy – Ireland)

For an independent Scottish Socialist Republic – RCN plus comment from Allan Armstrong

Martin McGuinness shakes hands with Elizabrit – Breandan MacCoinnaith, eirigi

Why I rejected my MBE, Bob Holman

The ‘Independence Lite’ referendum and a tale of two campaigns – E&L EB

Socialist republicanism and the Diamond Jubilee – James Connolly, Bob Goupillot, Allan Armstrong, Steve Freeman and Phil Vellender, Barry Biddulph

English republicanism – history for today – Steve Freeman, Phil Vellender and Terry Liddle



Red, Orange and Blue – Allan Armstrong, RCN

A Republican realignment – John McAnulty. Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Tommy McKearney’s new book: From insurrection to parliament – Brian Garvey, Independent Workers Union

English republican socialism – Steve Freeman, RDG

Two royal weddings… and a republican funeral for the UK? – Allan Armstrong, RCN



Report of the second global commune meeting – E&L EB

Revive the Declaration of Calton Hill for the Diamond Jubilee – Angela (now Lewis) Gorrie, RCN

2nd Republican Socialist Convention – E&L EB

Report of the second republican Socialist Convention – Allan Armstrong, RCN



The Legacy of James Connolly, – Jim Slaven, James Connolly Society

Can the SNP deliver independence? – E&L EB

Sinn Fein’s Michael Collins moment – John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

‘From Davitt to Connolly’: Internationalism from below – Allan Armstrong., RCN



Republican Socialist Convention report – SSP

Republican Socialist Convention – E&L EB

New Republicanism pamphlet – RCN

Letter agreed at SSP International Committee to be sent out to organisations in Ireland, Wales and England – SSP International Committee



Motion passed at SSP conference in October 2007 – RCN, SSP

Socialists and the Republic, RCN, SSP

James Connolly – E&L EB

The state, the crisis in the SSP and the republican response – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The SSP, Independence First and the Scottish independence referendum – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Bought and Sold – Benjamin Zephaniah, Too Black, Too Strong

Me, I thought OBE me, up yours I thought – Benjamin Zephaniah, The Guardian

Bono finally finds what he has been looking for – a knighthood – J. M. Thorn, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Sinn Fein ard fheis and the collapse of republicanism – Joe Craig, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)



 The Crown Powers and an anti-imperialist agenda, John Mitchell, SSP

Rights for the people, not royal prerogatives – Cardiff Social Forum

Cooperating in the international struggle against imperialism and for socialist republicanism – Allan Armstrong, RCN



Two worlds collide -nationalism and republicanism – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Our day will come – E&L EB

RCN motion to SSP national conference – RCN

Full marks for the republican initiative – RCN

The Declaration of Calton Hill and the Scottish Independence Convention – RCN

The Declaration of Calton Hill – SSP and others



Republican alternative to royal pantomime – E&L EB

The Scottish Independence Convention: Independence under the Crown or a Scottish republic – Allan Armstrong, RCN



Beyond broadswords and bayonets – Allan Armstrong, RCN



Republicans ‘celebrate’ the jubilee – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Successful republican festival and victory at free speech trial – Y Faner Goch

Republican Forum: a way forward for republicanism – IRSP

Empress Brown’s jingo jubilee – Terry Liddle, South London Republican Forum

Linking republicanism and socialism – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Jubilee: Wales – Mike Davies, Welsh Socialist Alliance

Hamish Henderson (OBE declined) 1919-2002 – Jubilee: Ireland – E&L EB

John McAnulty, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

How republicans around Britain and Ireland are ‘celebrating’ the Jubilee – E&L EB 

James Connolly’s appeal on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s jubilee in 1897 – James Connolly

Red republicans or just red reformers – Mary Ward (McGregor), RCN


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