The RCN is affiliated to the Republican Socialist Alliance. Allan Armstrong attended the meeting hosted by the new RSA (North of England) group on the 12th March in Stockport. Steve Freeman, acting RSA convenor, has written the following report. 


Report on Republican Socialist Alliance meeting, 12th March, Stockport

This was a productive with decisions taken which should help us build the RSA in the next year. The RSA was set up in 2013 mainly in England but with some support in Scotland to promote discussion and ideas about republican socialism.

We set up an email list now with eighty two members, from the Labour Party, Green Party, Left Unity, Rise and no party. We have been supported by the ‘Republican Communist Network’ (Scotland) and ‘A World to Win’. We have organised some debates and educational events and a ‘London Says Yes’ rally in September 2014.

Some of us have worked for republican socialism in Left Unity, the Scottish referendum, RIC and RISE and the general election. In Scotland we have seen RIC and RISE and in England the Corbyn movement has swept all before it. So there has been much change in the political environment since our foundation and this meeting was focused on catching up and looking to the future.

It was agreed to set up a bank account and a subscription based membership. It was agreed that we would adopt £2 per month. The email list would continue as at present now for RSA members and non-member ‘supporters’.


RSA and RSA (North), RSA (Scotland) and RSA (London)

The RSA is an umbrella alliance and we intend to set up three ‘local’ organisations. John T will act as convenor for the North, and Allan A for Scotland and I will act for London temporarily until we have a London convenor. I will act as the Treasurer/Membership for the RSA. We intend to have Skype meetings for the RSA including convenors.


Aims of the RSA

We amended our constitution to take account of the politics that we have developed since our foundation. This will be the basis for recruiting the new membership. This needs to be ratified by affiliated organisations.

  1. The nameof the organisation is “Republican Socialist Alliance” (hereafter RSA)
  1. The RSA is a democratic organisation in which members are sovereign. RSA membership is open to all who support our aims and pay a regular membership subscription.
  1. Supporters of the RSA are those who are support of our aims and have agreed to join our email list to receive information on various events, with the right to contribute to republican socialist debates and discussions.

Delete the old clause 4.  The RSA aims to discuss and promote the ideas and principles of:

a) democratic republicanism b) common ownership c) internationalism d)  an ecologically sustainable planet

and replace with

  1. The RSA aims to discuss and promote the following ideas and principles                                                                                                 a) Democratic republicanism including secularism and a social republic                                                                                               b) Common ownership                                                                                                                                                                                           c) The abolition of the monarchy, Privy Council, House of Lords and the Acts of Union                                                                            d) Democratic revolution, including women’s liberation and the right of nations/peoples to self determination                                            e) Internationalism including open borders and anti-racism                                                                                                                         f) An ecologically sustainable planet
  1. The RSA aims to develop activity and discussion aimed at:

i)   Building a republican socialist movement and

ii)  Discussing the idea of a republican socialist party.

  1. The RSA is an alliance not a party. We are non-sectarian and encourage a diversity of views and approaches.
  1. The RSA will maintain an email list for members and supporters.
  1. The RSA welcomes support from other organisations. The RSA will co-operate with supporting organisations for our mutual benefit.


The following resolution on the EU Referendum was passed unanimously

“The RSA agrees to adopt and promote the following slogans during the EU referendum.

  1. Recognising that both the EU and UK are undemocratic we will stand for a “European democratic revolution”, consistent with the idea of democratic revolution within the UK.
  1. Promote the idea of a new democratic constitution for Europe as a secular, democratic and federal social republic including the constitutional right of self determination for all nations including England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Catalunya.
  1. Recognising that RSA members are not united on the call for Remain, Leave, Abstain or Boycott, the RSA will take no official position on how to vote.
  1. Individual members and supporting organisations will be free to recommend any of these options.
  1. RSA members will be free to use the email list to explain and advocate whichever voting recommendation and make contact with other RSA members who want to campaign for whichever view. We will encourage a post referendum assessment of the various positions.
  1. The RSA will produce a Draft leaflet explaining agreed points in (1) and (2) for use by members during the referendum and to publicise our aims and seek new members”