EL&SD is posting our Welsh and related coverage from 2002 to promote a wider socialist republican ‘internationalism from below’ alliance


‘YesCymru’ buoyed by new report that says independence is “viable”- Is independence a step closer

The Welsh government is following its Scottish counterparts in opposing the anti-boycott bill – Stephen Topple, The Canary

The politics of Welsh independence – Craig Lewis, RSP

The language struggle and the challenge to the UK state – Allan Armstrong


Independence in Wales is an inevitable consequence of the end of Britain’s imperial project – Tom Anderson, The Canary

Welsh independence march hits the road again in Wrexham – Geoff Ryan and Keith Sinclair, Anti*Capitalist Resistance


Beyond leek flavoured UKism – Robat Idris – Undod


The British Left and the UK State – Allan Armstrong, RCN, Republican Socialist Platform

The case for a republican socialist internationalist coalition for Scotland’s independence – Allan Armstrong. RCN

The UK state, Right populism and reactionary unionism in 2020: rUK it or fUK it – Allan Armstrong. RCN

Competing strategies in the face of the break-up of the UK – the case for a republican socialist alliance – Allan Armstrong, RCN

From illusions in a Lexit Brexit to a disillusioned exit form Brexit politics – the December 12th general election and independent socialists across these islands – Allan Armstrong, RCN

The impact of the December 12th general election across these islands – Allan Armstrong. RCN

From pre-Brit to ex-Brit: the forging and the break-up of Britishness – Allan Armstrong, RCN


The Rise of National Populism and Reactionary Unionism in the Run-up to the December 12th General Election – Allan Armstrong. RCN

From Blatcherism to Maybynism – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Corbyn, Labour and the Immigration Bill – A dialogue, Allan Armstrong (RCN) , Phil Vellender (Chartist, RSA), Jeff Lever (RSA) Sue Sparks (RSA), Joe Healy (Left Unity Party, RSA), Robert Peston (The Spectator)


Another Europe Is Possible Conference, 10.12.18 – Allan Armstrong, RCN


Before and After Nationalism – Allan Armstrong, RCN


Which Way Now: Brexit or Ex-Brit? – Allan Armstrong, RCN

From Farage’s Brexit to Trump’s “Brexit plus, plus, plus” and on to Madame Frexit – Allan Armstrong, Alan Bissett, Brian Higgins, Paul Stewart, John Tummon

The reality of the European Democratic Revolution – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Peoples, Nationalities, Nations, Nation-States and Nationalists – Allan Armstrong, RCN

June 24th –The fUKer’s Black Friday or Red Friday for the European Democratic Revolution – Allan Armstrong, RCN



The Making and the Breaking of the UK State – Alan Armstrong, RCN

The Left in the UK, the 2015 General Election Campaign and the Wider Impact of the Scotland’s Democratic Revolution – Allan Armstrong, RCN


Radical Independence – Angharad Tomos, Cymdeithas yr Iaith/Welsh Language Society

After the September 18th Referendum Vote – a socialist republican response – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Message from Edinburgh RIC to ‘Go For It Scotland’ Rally in Cardiff on September 13th- Edinburgh RIC

Up to and Beyond September 18th Independence Referendum – a socialist republican response – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Wales and Scottish Independence – Leanne Wood, President, Plaid Cymru

Exploitation, Oppression and Alienation – Emancipation, Liberation and Self Determination -Allan Armstrong, RCN


The Communist Case for ‘Internationalism from Below’


Consensus Politics or an Unprincipled Lash-Up? – Bob Davies, CPGB-Weekly Worker


Forward Wales in Meltdown – Vic Allen


Welsh election results – Mike Davies, Cymru Goch

Forward Wales to challenge Labour – Seren

Successful republican festival and victory at free speech trial

Jubilee Wales – Mike Davies, Cymru Goch

Cymru Goch’s Resignation Letter



Republicans ‘celebrate’ the jubilee – Allan Armstrong, RCN

Successful republican festival and victory at free speech trial – Y Faner Goch

Jubilee: Wales – Mike Davies, Welsh Socialist Alliance

How republicans around Britain and Ireland are ‘celebrating’ the Jubilee – E&L EB 



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