E&L is posting the leaflet handed out at the Peoples Assembly conference in London by supporters of the Scottish Republic Yes Tendency in the new Left Unity Party.


On September 18th Scotland will vote for or against the 1707 Act of Union. A ‘Yes’ majority is in the interests of the Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish working class. It will undermine Cameron’s position both in the UK and internationally. It will damage the Tory Coalition and their austerity policy. It will upset their plans for winning in 2015.

Short term advantage is by no means the most important factor. A Yes vote will make possible radical constitutional change. The struggle for democracy will not end in September and not stop at the Scottish border.

In Scotland there are currently three different constitutional positions – Unionists (46%), Nationalists (37%) and Republicans (22%). In reality this is a three cornered fight although the Scottish people are only given two options in the referendum. In the event of a ‘Yes’ vote the centre of gravity in Scottish politics will shift to the left.

Republicanism is not simply or even primarily a Scottish question. England has by far the largest working class in the UK. In many respects the English working class is a sleeping giant whose activists still support a Labour Party loyal to the institutions of the Crown.

It is time for a radical democratic break from the British Union which binds people to a Tory ruling class and the neo-liberal policies of the City of London. A ‘Yes’ majority in September will provide the working class movement in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales a major opportunity to link the fight for democracy to militant opposition to the austerity policies that do so much damage and cause so much distress to millions.

For a Scottish Republic ‘Vote Yes’ In England and Wales ‘Say Yes’

Scottish Republic Yes Tendency

The Labour Party and Trade Union bureaucracy are fully supporting a ‘No’ Vote for two reasons. First the Labour leaders fully support the interests of the British rulingclass. Secondly they are also worried that the loss of Scottish voters will damage their prospects of becoming Her Majesty’s Government and implementing the Labour version of austerity.

Left Unity (LU) is the new party of the left set up to oppose the Labour Party’s neoliberal policies on austerity, immigration and democracy. It now faces its first major challenge. How will LU deal with the Scottish referendum? Will LU intervene in the struggle against the Tory Coalition’s active hostility to the extension of Scottish democracy? Left Unity is divided into two main camps – “Neutrals”, who do not want to take sides, and those who actively support a ‘Yes’ Vote and want to extend the struggle for a Scottish Republic.

Those LU members who support the struggle for democracy not only in Scotland but in England and Wales have set up the “Scottish Republic Yes Tendency”. We have over60 supporters and need the support of many more. The aims of the new Tendency are:

a) Win a majority of Left Unity to support a Yes vote officially and thus change the current policy.

b) Although people in England and Wales have no vote in the referendum, we will campaign to win support for a Yes vote in the socialist and labour movement in both countries and counter the case made by the Unionist parties (Tory, Labour, Liberal Democratic and UKIP).

c) To invite speakers from the Radical Independence Campaign to speak in England and Wales.

d) To make a case that the referendum offers the Scottish people the right and opportunity to extend democracy and create a Scottish republic. This would serve the wider democratic interest by encouraging similar democratic change in the rest of the UK.

e) To reject the ‘abstract internationalism’ of the Unionist campaign (Better Together) and substitute active practical solidarity and support by working people in England, Wales and Ireland for the democratic and socialist movement in Scotland.


If you are a member of Left Unity and want to add your name to sixty supporters please fill in the form below.
Contact us to register your support at: rsplatform@hotmail.co.uk!

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