George Gunn read the following poem at the republican rally on Calton Hill on the day of the coronation on Saturday 6th May.


       (Calton Hill, Edinburgh, 6.5.23)

George Gunn reading ‘Ode to the Scottish Republic’ on Calton Hill – photo from Craig Maclean

My allegiance is to the Scottish people

to all people

to be called a British subject

& to swear allegiance to a King

while my country has no place

among nations

is to be a ghost

& to bear disgrace

it is the dispossession of all citizens

of our future Republic

to see the number of the poor increase

while one hundred million & more

is spent to put a crown on a coof

is to shame our Democracy

to see her discarded in the gutter

in a coat of rags

her feet in rillans

hame hame hame

hame wid I be

hame hame hame

in my ain countrie

wae the birk an the pine

an the bonnie rowan tree

ah bloomin fair

in my ain countrie

the Lord of Misrule

in his Summer tents

ponders momentarily

current events

stealing our destiny

as he steals our rents

but no more

no more

for the King will see

our Republic rising up

out of the ground

seeking a new simplicity

the republican wind

blows through the liberty tree

no King can escape the coming melee

hame hame hame

hame wid I be

hame hame hame

in my ain countrie

when the new Moon

will be born

on the carrying stream

so that we may be

the Republic of the people’s desire

we make the song

we catch the fire

free of tyranny

I can taste the sweet salt of Freedom

on my tongue

as we gather here to proclaim

that which is obvious to the young

let us change elegy into hymn

remake it all

let us not fail again

in oor ain countrie

& for the love of our people

let us make our Scottish Republic

& make it strong


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