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This van provides a lifeline service to Ukrainians: Could it be under threat?

Ukrainian Letter of Solidarity with the Palestinian people

Why Ukrainians should support Palestinians

Ukraine Solidarity Campaign Scotland) and solidarity with GMB workers at Beith – USC(S)

Stand with Ukraine: TUC backs their right to resist Russian aggression  – Fred Leplat, anti*capitalist resistance

Palestinian view of Ukraine – Adeeb Sheehan – anti*capitalist resistance

James Connolly and Ukraine – Conor Costick 

 The unbearable manicheanism of the ‘anti-imperialist’ left – William I. Robinson, anti*capitalist resistance 

Ban cluster bombs Ukraine: Ukraine is no exception- Fred Leplat, anti-capitalist resistance

UK sanctions Iran for undermining peace the Middle East : Israel unmentioned – Joe Glenton, The Canary

Ukraine Rail Union (VPZU) backs ASLEF strike – Volodymyr Kozelskyi

Ukraine to Palestine: the poisons of denialism – David Finkel, Against the Current

Against half solidarity and false pacifism – statement of the Russian Socialist Movement on May Day

Scottish TUC stands in solidarity with Ukraine – Fred Leplat, anti-capitalist resistance 

INTO delegates give standing ovation to speakers from the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine – Gregor Kerr

 In memory of Marco Bocjun, 1951-2023 – Chris Ford, Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Social Movement (Ukraine) – looking back at 2022 

Ukraine: Voices of Resistance and Solidarity

Review of Paul Mason’s – How to Stop Fascism: History, Ideology, Resistance

The US is no ally of the Left in Ukraine or anywhere else – Yanis Varoufakis – openDemocracy

Ukrainian coal miners defy national protest ban to go on strike – Kateryna Semchuk & Thomas Rowley, openDemocracy,

Ukraine declares support for Israel; condemns Palestinian ‘terrorism’ – Palestinian Chronicle

I’m a Ukrainian socialist: here’s why I am resisting the Ukrainian invasion – Taras Bilous, Jacobin,

Why has Putin invaded Ukraine? – Allan Armstrong, RSP

On the Frontier of Whiteness? Expropriation, War, and Social Reproduction in Ukraine – Olena Lyubchenko, EastWest

The price of ‘selective inattention’ – Iraq, Ukraine, Libya and the climate apocalypse

Now Ukraine – Jim Aitken

Former NATO Former NATO military analyst blows the whistle on West’s Ukraine Invasion narrative- Jaques Baud

May Day – A Ukrainian tradition – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Ukrainian Socialist: ‘The future of demilitarisation lies in stopping Russia’s war machine now’ – Vitally Dudin, Sotsyaklnyi Rukh

Victory of the Ukrainian people – Yorgos Muiytralis, Conor Costick, Independent Left (Ireland)

When the Bolsheviks created a soviet in the Donbas –   Hanna Perekhoda, Jacobin

An open letter from Asad Ghanem to the Ukrainian president  – Al Jazeera

Putin’s war and the Jewish history  –  Brendan McGeever

Self determination and sovereignty in Europe – Mike Small, bella caledonia

We need peoples’ solidarity with Ukraine against war, not the fake solidarity of governments – Denys Gorbach and Denis Pilash Commons (Ukraine) 

Doubling down on double standards – The Ukraine propaganda blitz – Media Lens

No to war: Russia and NATO hands off Ukraine – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign and The Canary

No to war in Ukraine – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign and Executive Bureau of the Fourth International

Time for international anti-war solidarity with Ukraine – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Ukraine, Marxism and the National Question – Marco Bojcun

Stop union busting in Ukraine – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Ukrainian unions urgent appeal for solidarity – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

How workers in Ukraine’s steel industry are fighting for wages, rights and democracy – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Ukrainian unions unite in major struggle with global giant, Acellor-Mittal – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Major victory for the 94 Ukrainian miners facing court for protesting – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Ukrainian miners on trial for union protest – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

National liberation and Bolshevism – the view from the borderlands – Eric Blanc

BBC legitimises neo-Nazi hate crimes in Ukraine – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Mass strikes and occupations by Ukrainian miners – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Urgent appeal for solidarity from the railway workers of Ukraine – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Ukraine Solidarity Campaign and the ban on the CPU – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Miners stand together: statement by the NUM – National Union of Miners

Centenary of the Zimmerwald Manifesto – Chris Ford

No return to Stalinist show trials in Russia – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Past and present imperialisms, Putin and the war in Ukraine and the far right  – Europe Solidaire

Hands off Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine: end the state intimidation – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Kagarlitsky, the war and political corruption – Volodymyr Zadyraka

Stop the Russo-Ukrainian war – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Public transport in Ukraine: drivers are forgotten – Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Two new pieces on Ukraine – Zakhar Popyvych and Vitaly Dudin

Miners of Kryviy-Rih show the way forward in Ukraine – Ukrainian Socialist Solidarity

Ukraine caught between East and West – RCN

What May Day means in the Ukraine crisis – Allan Armstrong

Invitation to the ‘Left and Maidan’ in Kiev, 12th-13thApril – Commons (Ukraine)

 Ukraine, a Left Ukrainian and Left Russian View – Autonomous Workers Union (Kyiv) and Boris Kagarlitsky


For related articles see:-

The Conquest of Ukraine and the History of Russian Imperialism by Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski, New Politics

Why Putin has invaded Ukraine, Part 2: a socialist republican analysis – Allan Armstrong

Solidarity with uprising in Kazakhstan – Paul Murphy, RISE (Ireland)

Repression of migrants at Poland/Belarus border: a humanitarian crisis caused by imperialism- Frankie Levine, Left Voice (USA)

Repression in Belarus must end – IndistriALL Global Union

Peoples, nationalities, nations, nation-states nationalism and nationalists – Allan Armstrong

 Internationalism from Below, Volume 3, pp. 167-188 – Allan Armstrong

Internationalism from Below, Volume 4, pp. 55-93 – Allan Armstrong


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