FRIDAY 23 MAY, 4:30 pm

The miners of Kryviy Rih, members of the Independent Union of Miners of Ukraine, are appealing for solidarity to the workers of Europe. Whilst attention has been focused on the conflict in Ukraine the social-economic crisis is being overlooked.

  • Workers real wages have fallen by up to 50% as the cost of living has risen,
  • Miners have received only 15% of their actual pay rates,
  • A promised pay rise for miners of 20% turned into a £25 hand-out,

The mining company EVRAZ they work for is based in London. It is owned by the Russian Oligarch Abramov, he is worth $7.5 billion. These oligarchs who helped cause the crisis in Ukraine, pay slave wages whilst making vast profits. They pay almost no tax, putting their wealth abroad in the City of London.

The Miners of Kryviy Rih are fighting back and are setting an example to all workers in Ukraine. The miners defence brigades have ensured peace and workers unity in Kryviy Rih and prevented any violence.

The miners are organising strike action to demand their wages are doubled and are calling for help to win their demands. Ukrainian Socialist Solidarity is a campaign set up by socialists and trade unionists in the England.

Show your support for the mineworkers of Ukraine. Come to the emergency demo, bring union banners and flags.
Send messages of solidarity to the Kryviy Rih miners at:

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  • I simply wish to caution against trusting the evidence of known liars and fraudsters.

    Some may know the background of the Ukrainian CWI group that duped many small left-wing parties into giving donations by pretending to share the same principles and affiliating with them.

    Back in March, MP John McDonnell hosted a meeting in the House of Commons on the unfolding crises in Ukraine, to hear “expert” eye-witness reports from Mr Zakhar Popovych of the left opposition and Volodymr Ischenko of the Commons Journal of Social Criticism.

    Zakhar Popovych was one of the key figures of the scandal around the Ukrainian branch of the CWI “Workers Resistance” in 2003 who scammed money and equipment from unsuspecting socialists.

    I would suggest reliance on such a person is akin to Blair trusting
    Curveball’s integrity. I certainly wouldn’t send any money!

    We don’t forget.