Below is a list of the articles with links from EL&SD and its predecessor E&L covering the issueas of environmental degradation and sustainable development




As the climate crisis hits home governments are pouring oil on to the fire. Let’s stop them – Climate Change Scotland, bella caledonia

Earth Champs – Mike Small, bella caledonia



‘Greenwashing’ by Biden’s Democrats and the SNP – Robert Belano, Left Voice (USA) and Laurie Macfarlane, open democracy

Two views of Cop26 – Christopher Silver, bella caledonia and Michael Roberts blog

Police intimidation at Cop26 – Mike Small, bella caledonia and YCL Central Committee

A Crime Against humanity: the ‘Greenwash Festival’ of Cop26 – Media Lens

The imperial mode of living: Interview with Markus Wissen, Ben Wray, bella caledonia

Extinction Rebellion is taking to the City – Jasmin Orden, The Canary

The Return of Nature: a review – Estaban Mercatante, Left Voice (USA)

Expensive, dangerous and unnecessary – Eddie Ford, Weekly Worker

Make rewilding part of the socialist future – Alex Lee, Anti*Capitalist Resistance

Who needs hydrocarbons? – Gearoid O’Loingsigh, Socialist Democracy (Ireland)



A Green New Deal – a solution to environmental destruction? – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

Jamie Driscoll on threatened criminalisation of Extinction Rebellion – Jamie Driscoll blog

Extinction Rebellion blockades Murdo Press – Extinction Rebellion

Ireland: Programme for government, Austerity with a Green tinge – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)

The Greens in government: Ireland has seen this movie before – Socialist Democracy (Ireland)



This land is your land, this land is my land – Ray Burnett, bella caledonia

Exploitation, oppression and alienation – Allan Armstrong (RCN)



Peak Oil: Oil depletion. alternative strategies – Rod MacGregor, RCN



Tsunami and the tourist industry – Minnie Bruce Pratt, World World Service

Tsunami solidarity donations – CPGB website

Tsunami: an act of nature and the laws of capitalism – Nick Clarke, RCN



Red on Green, Green on Red – Alan Boylan, RCN

The Great Land Grab- Iain Robertson, RCN