The following article was first posted by The Canary. It is the latest in a series highlighting Cymru’s dissatisfaction with the Union and the possibilities this opens up.


Campaign group YesCymru has welcomed a landmark report into Wales’s constitutional future as a “significant step in the journey” to Welsh independence. The report by an independent commission has found that independence is a “viable” option, while calling devolution “flawed”.

Welsh independence a “viable” but “uncertain” option

The pro-independence group YesCymru was responding to the findings of the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales, co-chaired by professor Laura McAllister and Dr Rowan Williams. It published its report on 17 January. The Welsh government set it up to look at the constitutional issues surrounding Wales – including independence.

As Sky News reported:

the commission focused on three options – increased devolution, a federal UK and an independent Wales.

Its report concluded that all three of those options were “viable” but that Welsh independence was “by far the most uncertain option”.

The report outlined risks in terms of currency, borders, trade, cost and capacity and warned they were “greater post-Brexit”.

However, as well as saying in its report that independence is a “viable” option, the commission added that it creates the potential for long term positive change, and would grant the power to “devise policies which reflect the priorities of the people of Wales”.

It also outlined the “risk” to Welsh democracy unless “urgent” changes are made and called for the Senedd to have powers over justice, policing and rail infrastructure.

It pointed to the “fundamental flaw in the current system of devolution”, saying that it “rests on powers conferred by the Westminster Parliament” and that they “can be taken away by the Westminster Parliament at any time”.

So, YesCymru was naturally buoyed.

A “significant step” to independence

A spokesperson said:

YesCymru welcomes the report by the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales.

As an organisation, we see it as a significant step in the journey to becoming an independent nation.

Though the report does not go as far as we would like, it does make it clear that the status quo is completely untenable, and that rolling back the powers of the Senedd would not be in the best interest of the people of Wales.

It confirmed that Wales is currently trapped in a UK economy that does not deliver prosperity to Welsh communities and is instead shaped in the interests of the South East of England and the City of London.

Importantly, the Commission also put independence firmly on the table as a viable and realistic option worth seriously considering.

Time to break free from Westminster?

The spokesperson added that:

YesCymru agrees with the Commission that under the current constitutional set-up, in which the Westminster Parliament has supremacy, Wales is completely reliant on the UK Government to grant the Senedd more powers.

It also gives Westminster politicians the power to ignore repeated calls by our political leaders in Wales for more powers as well as ignore the settled will of the Welsh people, as they have done for many years.

It’s perfectly clear that the UK is not an equal partnership of nations as Westminster politicians often like to claim.

The only guaranteed way of ensuring that Wales has control of its own destiny is to break free from Westminster and become independent.

With full control of our money, our laws and our natural resources we will be able the secure a bright and prosperous future for our communities.

We have all of the talent and ability we need, but for our full potential to be realised we need to demonstrate the ambition, confidence and bravery to forge our own path as a fully sovereign country.



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