European Elections

Conference believes that the SSP must continue to develop strong links with socialists across Europe, including in England and Wales, through the European Anti Capitalist Left (EACL). We welcome coverage of the EACL in the SSP All Members Bulletin and the encouragement for branches to discuss these developments.

The SSP should advocate within the EACL a common platform and slate for the forthcoming European elections. The joint platform should include:

  • a) Opposition to the permanent, imperialist war drive
  • b) The expansion, not the erosion, of human and civil rights internationally
  • c) Support for Asylum Seekers and migrant workers and opposition to Fortress Europe
  • d) Opposition to privatisation, labour flexibility and austerity drives
  • e) Opposition to trade union/employer/state partnership deals
  • f) Support for a more democratic and accountable Europe