Socialist Unity

Conference believes that:

  • 1) The SSP should publicly declare, as one of its aims, that it will aid socialist unity in England, Wales and Ireland and to have a real debate within the SSP on how to do it.
  • 2) The SSP, whether in the form of branches, platforms or individuals, makes every attempt to communicate directly with Socialist Alliance members out with Scotland, much as we did during the Poll Tax, when again Scotland was in the lead. Again using the experience of the Poll Tax, SSP branches could twin with SA branches and build up personal and political relationships.
  • 3) The SSV should regularly cover Socialist Alliance activities out with Scotland.
  • 4) The SSP should take the lead in organising a conference of all those individuals and organisations that believe that building SSP type parties in England, Wales and Ireland would be a step forward. Joint campaigns should be launched
    • a) against the permanent war drive
    • b) in support of asylum seekers
    • c) against trade union/ employer/state partnership deals
    • d) against privatisation/ labour flexibility/austerity drives
  • 5 The SSP and the Socialist Alliances should work towards a common platform for the next Westminster (and Euro) election.