Bob Goupillot reports on the RIC organised protest at Queen Elizabeth House or BOSS (British Occupied Subject Scotland) on Thursday, November 23rd, to challenge the UK Supreme Court’s anti-democratic decision to deny Scotland the  independence referendum voted for by the majority of people in Scotland  in the 2021 Holyrood election.






The Scottish Parliament, elected by the people of Scotland, set October 19 2023 as the date for a referendum on independence. But, one year ago the unelected Supreme Court in Westminster ruled it was illegal, denying us our right to decide for ourselves.

So on the anniversary of this outrageous decision the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) were outside the Westminster government’s Scottish outpost in Edinburgh (Queen Elizabeth House) to tell the British government – and his Majesty’s so-called “Opposition” to boot – that we will not accept this veto by an unelected sub-committee of the ruling class.

We will assert our right to self-determination.

RIC members and other came from all over Scotland to do this.

Banners were displayed, speeches were made and leafelts distributed to staff at QE house and passersby, whilst republican songs were sung.

Another Scotland is possible!

The ruling class through its Westmonster creatures would like to pretend independence has gone away. Not if we can help it!

THEY banned our referendum.

THEY impose assaults on our human rights.

 THEY attack workers who are seeking to defend their livelihoods and their families.

THEY give unconditional support and arms to Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza.

Whoever is in Number Ten, THEY are certain to continue this approach, so the dis-United Kingdom will sink ever deeper into crisis.

However this protest was just one of a rolling series of events highlighting the presence and role of the UK state in our towns, cities and countryside.

Our aim is to make these events more frequent, bigger and more effective.

Join us.



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