Pauline Bradley of Sound Inspirations and Protest in Harmony, Glasgow, has written and performs Ceasefire now.


Ceasefire now written by Pauline Bradley

In Solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine


Ceasefire now, Ceasefire now, We are calling on a ceasefire now,

Ceasefire now, Ceasefire now we are calling on a ceasefire now, X 2.

  • Hamas committed a terrible crime, Mass murder of Israelis,

But that’s no reason for genocide, Of Gazan women, children and babies


  • How many more children have to die? You say they’re “collateral damage.”

 That’s the heartless face of war, The horrors you hide and manage


  • Jaw jaw not war war, we praise the brokers of peace

 Doctors killed while saving lives, On all sides, let the fighting cease


  • Arms dealers make big profits, From war, pain and death.

We shout out right now to STOP IT! Stop this unholy mess

 Chorus x 2


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