We are posting this article  from  Republic media on Facebook, which examines the activities of Irish Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris, exposed in the RTE documentary, Quiet Graves.

Drew Harris. former MI5 and RUC Assistant Commissioner, now Irish Garda Commissioner

Unquiet Graves, the 2018 documentary detailing the story of the notorious Glenanne Gang, and their collusion with the RUC and British security forces, was aired on Wednesday evening last on RTE 1.

The film details the gang’s murderous rampage through the so-called “murder triangle” in Tyrone and Armagh in the 1970s, killing random Catholic civilians. It also very much focuses on British collusion with the gang which resulted in the deaths of 120 civilian victims.

One of the most atrocious and unnerving exposés of Unquiet Graves was the revealing of a plan by the gang, supported by the British authorities to attack a primary school in Bessbrook, Co. Armagh, murdering all children and teachers in the building.

A plan so grotesque, thought up by British Intelligence that not even the murderous UVF could go through with it.

The Documentary also gives Garda Commissioner and former RUC Assistant Commissioner Drew Harris a fleeting appearance

In 2010, Harris had brought the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) in under his control as head of Crime Operations Branch of the PSNI. He removed investigative functions from HET officers; they could no longer arrest and question suspects. He took control of their budget, and he closed down their thematic investigation unit which was cross referencing the individual investigations for links, patterns and systems drawing out the involvement of RUC personnel and wider collusion.

In 2010, then RUC Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris wrote a letter to the legal representatives of UVF victims telling them that they would not get an investigation into the wider questions raised by the activities of the Glenanne gang.

When Drew Harris wrote his letter in 2010, the families asked the courts to review the matter. Justice Tracey found favour with the families and accused Drew Harris of an “extreme” abuse of power in trying to cover up collusion. Justice Tracey also stated that this abuse of power by Harris showed that “the state is not genuinely committed” to addressing the concerns of families. Despite all this, Harris made a pledge to defend and protect the reputation of RUC – a totally discredited, sectarian, murderous police force.

Drew Harris is now the Garda Commissioner in the 26 counties, the activities of the loyalist murder squad the Glennane Gang was not confined to the 6 County statelet, indeed the single worst loss of life during the so called “troubles” occurred on May 17, 1974 in the Monaghan and Dublin bombings which is also attributed to the Glennane Gang, the same Gang that Drew Harris went to lengths for during the historical enquiries investigation to stop being investigated.

The Monaghan and Dublin bombings are the largest mass murder in the history of the 26 county state, where Harris now controls policing.

Due to his previous role Harris remains legally restrained by the terms of Britain’s Official Secrets Act. He will therefore be legally precluded from divulging details of sensitive and potentially explosive material relating to MI5 operations and possible criminal activities against Irish citizens in both jurisdictions in Ireland.

In his previous role, Harris described on the Garda website as “an expert in high risk covert policing ” was also the most senior link officer between the PSNI and MI5, the British Intelligence agency which has been linked to the Dublin/Monaghan Bombings. The 2003 Barron Report into the bombings found that members of the RUC had colluded with the Ulster Defence Association and that it was likely British security forces or MI5 intelligence were involved

Speaking to Republic media, a family member of one of those murdered in the bombings said:

“It is sickening that Drew Harris, an MI5 agent responsible for covering up Britain’s role in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings is now Garda commissioner and continues to use his role to continue the cover up of Britain’s dirty war and to deny justice to the families.”

“If those in Official Secrets Act even pretended to care about the victims of British Collusion in Ireland they would remove Harris from the position, but this is unlikely because Leinster House has been complicit in the British Occupation of Ireland since it was established in 1922.”

He concluded: “No justice will come while Ireland remains occupied and MI5 remains in control of policing in Ireland”