Below is a leaflet from the ad-hoc Committee of Campaign for a European Republican Socialist Party being distributed at the Radical Independence Campaign’s Spring Conference in Edinburgh on March 10th.

Location of Dalmeny Declaration – Out of the Blue Centre, Dalmeny Street, Leith



The Scottish Ratification Referendum Act 2018 empowers the Scottish Government to hold a referendum on Thursday 6 February 2019 for all Scottish and EU citizens living in Scotland over sixteen years old. The people of Scotland will be asked:

Do you support the agreement between Her Majesty’s Government and the European Union?

Do you reject the agreement between Her Majesty’s Government and the European Union?

Why should Scotland have the right to vote on Tory Brexit?

In 2016 Scotland voted to remain in the EU. This vote has been ignored by the Tory government. The Scottish people must now reclaim their sovereign right to determine whether they accept the Tory government’s negotiated agreement with the European Union.

This is a major political decision about the future of Scotland and the rights and opportunities for present and future generations in relation to the rest of Europe. This decision is too important to be left to Ministers of the Crown or Westminster politicians. The Scottish people must have their say and have their right to vote.

Why should Scotland vote against Tory Brexit?

The Tories are servants of the banks, the City of London and the major corporations. They see Brexit as an opportunity to centralise more power in Whitehall and undermine the social conditions and rights of working people. Currently they are even undermining the limited gains of Scotland and Wales devolved parliaments, and along with the reactionary DUP, preparing for a reinforced border between Ireland, north and south.

After the Tories secure their Brexit victory they will continue to divide the working class with anti-immigrant rhetoric. Now they will say the country voted to clamp down on migrant workers and we need strong central government to sort out social problems ‘caused’ by migration. Post-Brexit Britain will go further down the road of free market deregulated capitalism. So Scotland needs to take every opportunity to vote against Tory Brexit.

Ratification Referendum

Scotland voted to remain in the EU. There is no need to vote on that again. A ratification referendum is a democratic means for people to decide, rather than leaving it to Ministers of the Crown, or the Tory-DUP majority in Westminster. The decision on whether to ratify the proposed treaty must rest with the Scottish people.

Scottish government and parliament

Many people in England want a ratification referendum. But England depends on Westminster and the Tories will block it. The Scottish government and parliament could hold a referendum before March 2019. At present they are drifting along. The national democratic movement must force the SNP government to come off the Tory fence and give the Scottish people their right to vote and decide.

Ratification and IndyRef2

A Ratification referendum does not mean Scotland will be able to stay in the EU. It merely allows the Scottish people to vote on the Tory deal before it can become a legal treaty in our name. Without this sovereign authority it cannot be legal.

The result of Scotland rejecting the Tory deal would be a crisis for May and the Tory government. It might mean another Prime Minister or a general election. It would bring forward the question of Scotland remaining in the UK. A Tory defeat would likely be a significant practical first step to IndyRef2.


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