We are posting this position paper from Steve Freeman (Republican Socialist Alliance and Campaign for a European Socialist Republican Party) first posted on the Left Unity blog. 


The general election is an opportunity for the working class in Scotland to build a stronger and more militant opposition to Tory Brexit and all anti-working class austerity policies whether from Tory or SNP governments. It is an opportunity to organise a stronger democratic movement against the Union, including preparing for a referendum on self determination, seeking closer unity with the anti-Unionist workers in England and more broadly with the European working class.

Left Unity will not stand candidates in the 2017 general election in Scotland. We will support any RISE or Scottish Socialist Party candidates whose policies are close to our own. Left Unity is clear in its commitment to socialism and will use the election to advance the following policies aimed to strengthen the working class internationally – opposition to austerity, imperialist wars, Trident, NATO, TTIP; anti-Unionism and support for the right to self determination, republican democracy, migrant rights and Pan European socialist organisation.

In Scotland the central question in opposing anti-working class Tory Brexit is the right of the Scottish people to remain in the EU and the right of the Scottish people to be able to hold a referendum on self determination at a time of their choosing.

On the 28 March the Scottish Parliament voted to hold a referendum. In the event of a Tory victory, Scotland will become a key battle ground. The Tories will strengthen their grip on Scotland by undermining the existing Devolution settlement, forcing Scotland to leave the EU and denying Scottish self determination.

Left Unity in England and wales is supporting Jeremy Corbyn. However, we recognise that politics in Scotland has been changed by the 2014 referendum. The Labour Party must be openly criticised for supporting the Union, refusing to pledge support for the right of the Scottish people to remain in the EU, and failing to support the right of the Scottish people to hold a referendum. In opposing Scotland’s democratic movement Labour is acting as an accomplice of the Tories.

Left Unity would welcome the defeat of the Tories from every seat in Scotland. We will oppose Unionist candidates (UKIP, Tory, Liberal Democrat and Labour) and support anti-Unionist candidates. Whilst we recognise that some socialists in Scotland will vote Labour, we believe the future for working class people in Scotland depend upon fighting austerity and winning a successful struggle for democracy and self determination.

In summary Left Unity’s policy in Scotland at this election is based on total opposition to the Tories and their anti-working class Brexit policies, opposition to all Unionist parties in Scotland.


also see http://republicancommunist.org/blog/2016/12/07/building-an-alliance-between-rise-and-left-unity/


  • this is not a statement from left unity scotland. Told this by Andrew Burgin of Left Unity. Maybe best to correct this to show it is the view of one person.

  • Thanks for pointing this out. This is my mistake. The intro should have pointed out that it was from the LUP Discussion Site ,and expresses the view of Steve Freeman. I have amended the intro accordingly