The Radical Independence Campaign has produced this new statement following Theresa May’s rejection of the right of the the Holyrood Parliament to hold a second Scottish independence referendum. 




With the election of Trump, the chaotic handling of Brexit by an unelected Tory leader, and the ongoing crisis of the global economy, we believe our message is needed more than ever.

RIC will argue for a People’s Independence. The 99% have the most to lose from ongoing Tory rule from Westminster. Their votes will decide the referendum, and RIC will provide a platform to amplify their voices. We will be discussing new ideas for the coming campaign, rather than simply repeating our work from the last referendum. The situation has changed dramatically since 2014 – that means our tactics and approach must also change.

By trying to block the referendum, Theresa May and the Tories have once again affronted democracy. Her actions have highlighted the fundamentally anti-democratic nature of the UK state, contrasting with our vision of a democratic republic. The result will be a further constitutional crisis, coming on top of the social crisis created by Tory policies like the public sector pay freeze, welfare reform and the bedrooms tax.

For anyone outside the millionaire class, the UK is heading in a dystopian direction. People across the UK are suffering from what will be decades of wage stagnation combined with rising housing, energy and food bills. RIC will make sure this referendum offers a positive alternative where Scotland democratically decides how to share our resources and wealth. This, not the EU, is at the heart of the Radical Yes message.

The UK state is now under the control of UKIP-style bigots and fantasists who dream of returning to the days of the British Empire. The UK now stands clearly on the wrong side of history. Theresa May abandoned us in no uncertain terms when she joined hands in solidarity with Donald Trump.

RIC decisively rejects the racist and bigoted direction of the new national populist and far-right politics in the US, UK and Europe, and we will be part of an international movement of opposition.

In an independent Scotland, we can defend migrant rights and confront the real social issues of inadequate housing, unemployment and low wages that drive people into the hands of the authoritarian right. But that means arguing for our vision in the here and now – not waiting until after independence. We will show that the injustice of inequality has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with a failing system that puts the profits of the richest 1% above the needs of everyone else.


  • RIC will be meeting as a campaign on April 1st to discuss our strategy for a second referendum.
  • As an immediate priority we will oppose the Tory government’s attempts to block the referendum. This will not be a battle of the elites – we need a people’s movement on the streets, in communities and in workplaces.
  • We are contacting radical movements and organisations from across Europe – only internationalism from below can confront the
  • We will hold local events, national conferences and forums to ensure that independence will genuinely empower people to think about and challenge a failing neoliberal order.


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