Following our AGM held in Glasgow on May 29th, the statement below was agreed at the RCN aggregate held in Edinburgh on Sunday, August 28th.

RCN banner showing Eleanor Marx, James Connolly, John Maclean and Mary Brooksbank




At our AGM on 29th May 2016 on Glasgow there was unanimous acknowledgement that the RCN is no longer an interventionist political organisation, but should continue as a forum to encourage political debate amongst the Left. This means we will no longer affiliate to political organisations as the RCN, but individual members may continue to do so. We will still give donations to other organisations, which themselves encourage debate, e.g. the Republican Socialist Alliance, and those that are involved in important campaigns. Such donations would be agreed at RCN-called meetings. This status may change in future if a majority of RCN members agree that we should again intervene as RCN in a political situation.

In particular, we seek to organise discussion forums to develop a socialist republican ‘internationalism from below’ approach. We seek to further develop an understanding of capitalism as a system based on exploitation, oppression and alienation to be countered by the promotion of emancipation, liberation and self-determination. We also seek discussion with those who want a greater understanding of what is meant by communism. We have already produced an agreed ‘What We Stand For’ document where these ideas have been outlined. However, this no longer has the status of being a condition of RCN membership, but remains as a contribution to future debate.

One consequence of our new approach is that we will encourage others to come to our discussion meetings, and will welcome jointly hosted meetings around agreed topics. We will also continue our weekend away discussions, inviting others to participate.

Our Emancipation & Liberation blog has always operated in an open manner, seeking non-member contributions and will continue to do so. All articles are the viewpoints of their individual author(s). There will no longer be articles representing an agreed RCN interventionist political stance.

RCN membership will now be based on a broad acceptance of the need for republicanism and communism; the payment of a monthly subscription of £10/£5 for waged and £2 unwaged; and a willingness to abide by the Comradely Conduct Policy.




For key articles about internationalism from below; exploitation, oppression and alienation and emancipation,liberation and self determination; and communism see:-