At our RCN aggregate held in Dundee on May 23rd, we re-examined our  platform for working in the campaign for Scottish self-determination. Some of these issues have already arisen within the Radical Independence Campaign, particularly in RIC-Edinburgh (see, the three RIC national conferences, and Trade Unionists for Independence (East Coast) (see  Now that there are plans for a Scottish Left Project (see, there will also need to be further discussion over such issues.

Some will oppose, whilst others will want to amend some of these demands. There will be other issues that people will want to raise. The RCN welcomes such debates. It is vital that we create democratic forums where issues can be discussed.






The SNP currently only supports the ending of Westminster control over law making in Scotland, and continues to support the wider UK and the British monarchy. We call for:

* The break-up of the UK and opposition to the Crown Powers

The Constitution

The SNP government says they will enter into negotiations with the UK government, alongside MSPs from the Scottish unionist parties, about a constitutional framework for Scotland. We call for:

* No secret negotiations with the UK state over Scottish self-determination

* The election of a Scottish Constituent Assembly to decide its own constitution and relationships with other states

* A Scottish Democratic, Social and Secular Republic

* A Single Chamber Assembly elected by proportional representation

Local democracy

 The SNP has no proposals to increase local democracy. We call for:

* The maximum autonomy of Local Authorities, supported by nationally provided resources to ensure equality of service provision

* Support for increased communal ownership of land and economic facilities to encourage diversified local development


The SNP wants to remain part of NATO and the current unreformed EU. We call for:

* The ending Scottish participation in the British Military High Command

* A Break with NATO

*The closure of Faslane and other nuclear military facilities in Scotland

*The return of all Scottish armed forces deployed outside Scotland

*The ending of the bureaucratic, bankers and corporate EU and the creation of a new democratic federal Europe with entrenched workers’ rights

Workers’ rights

The SNP has no policy to restore trade union rights removed under the Tories and continued under New Labour. We call for:-

* The scrapping the Anti-Trade Union Laws – Workers in all workplaces to have the right to organise, negotiate and have elected representatives on workplace councils

* A legal ban on blacklisting by employers

Migrant worker and asylum seeker rights

The SNP has a better record than the unionist parties, Labour included, in wanting migrant workers in Scotland. However, their vision is based on meeting business labour requirements and increasing the tax intake to finance an ageing population, not meeting migrant workers’ and asylum seekers’ needs. We call for:

* The end of the criminalization of migrant workers and asylum seekers

* The speedy processing of asylum seekers

* The closure of Dungavel detention centre

* The right of asylum seekers to work

* Rapid naturalization procedures for all those wishing to become a citizen of Scotland

Women’s rights

The SNP calls for improved nursery provision. We call for:

* Guaranteed free nursery provision for all those who require it

* Equal pay through upward assimilation

* Support for a Woman’s Right to Choose

* Public provision of Women’s Refuges and Rape Crisis Centres on the grounds of need


The SNP calls for lower taxation on corporate business and the retention of sterling. We call for:

*The end the City of London’s control over finance in Scotland

*No public liability for private banks

*For the creation of a publicly owned bank, with deposits guaranteed

*For the provision of banking and Credit Union facilities in publicly owned Post Offices

*The Crown Estates to be transferred to public ownership


The SNP commitment to green energy is good but the policies to achieve this, under a capitalist framework, won’t deliver. We call for:

*An integrated public provision of energy

*Scrap the subsidies and tax breaks for private energy suppliers

*For public research and experimental projects to help moved towards less environmentally damaging energy provision


The SNP currently call for the abolition of the ‘bedroom tax’ and a minimum wage tied to the cost of living index, we need to go well beyond this. We call for:

*Public welfare provision on the grounds of need

*The right to appropriate housing built to proper building standards


The SNP remains committed to no fees for university education. We call for:

* Free educational provision from Nursery to Higher levels

* For complete separation between the state and religion

* Support for secular education, no state backing for religious schools


The bottom line is that ‘independence’ is a pretty empty and meaningless word. It is self determination allied to democratic controls that can unlock the potential of the Scottish people and, by their example, unlock the potential of all the peoples of these islands.


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