Eric Chester (RCN) has submitted this statement from Revolutionary Unity (USA).

New Mission Statement by Revolutionary Unity

Revolutionary Unity calls upon our working and oppressed sisters and brothers to unite for a new chapter in the historic struggles for liberation from capitalism, patriarchy and bigotry. We are united in the belief that our future depends on the social ownership of the means of production under worker and community control. We envision communities characterized by equality, social empowerment, and the drive to satisfy all human needs in harmony with the earth. Such a fundamental transfer of power requires a revolutionary moment in which working and oppressed people take responsibility for constructing a new society independently of their former masters. We believe that reaching and passing through this historic period will require organizations and mass movements capable of coordinated action. We draw strength from our diversity and all revolutionary political traditions, but apply a critical eye to the past as we build our own future.

Join us! We have a world to win