The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees needs your support for the demonstrations and the movement for freedom in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The people of Kurdistan have launched a movement for freedom, justice, jobs and services, and against political corruption. They organised civil demonstrations against the authorities of Kurdistan Regional Government and the two ruling parties, the KDP and the PUK.

While the regime is publicly saying it will make concessions, at the same time they are brutally repressing the demonstrators. At a demonstration on 17th February, called in solidarity with the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, the militias of the KDP party shot at the demonstrators and killed 3 people and wounded many others. The people of Kurdistan, and especially Sulaimanyah city, rose up against such a despotic act and started daily demonstrations. Since then another 5 people have been killed as the government has increased its injustices and repression.

In response the KDP and PUK forces and the Asaiysh (security forces) of both the ruling parties have arrested and abducted those who are active in arranging mass rallies and demonstrations.

After the big demonstration in Maidani Azadi (Freedom Square) on 25th February, many prominent activists were kidnapped. Abduction and arresting people is a model carried out by the authorities and other groups or militias to stop democratic protest.

All this has received little media coverage or comment from governments in the west. We believe this is because of the European Governments’ guilt in the tragedy of Iraq and Kurdistan and their complicity in propping up the corrupt regime.

Please write to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s London office to demand the killing and arrest of protestors stops immediately; those responsible for the shooting of protestors and those who ordered the shootings are brought to justice. We also ask you to support the demands of the protestors for an end to political corruption, for decent work and public services such as water and electricity, and for political freedom, including freedom of assembly, speech and thought.

Send protests to: Kurdistan Region Presidency, Diwan, P.O. BOX 60, Iraqi Kurdistan, Erbil-Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government, Winchester House, 259-269 Marleybone Road, London, NW15RA

To let us know what you have sent, please contact IFIR at:, International Federation of Iraq Refugees or IFIR, PO Box 1575, Ilford, London, IG1 3BZ