This SSP National Conference agrees to adopt the
following policies:-

  • 1 SSP members should not resort to the state’s courts when seeking redress for politically motivated attacks on their behaviour.
  • 2 When SSP members are subjected to politically motivated attacks by the state or media, they should be able to call upon the support of the SSP National Executive to conduct a party campaign including the following tactics, as deemed appropriate:-
    • 2.1 articles in the party’s press,
    • 2.2 direct appeals to the trade union members in the state bodies and/or the media responsible
    • 2.3 calls for boycott actions
  • 3 SSP members should not resort to the non-party media when making allegations against other SSP members. Such allegations should be brought initially before the appropriate party body at the level concerned, with the right to appeal to a higher level, the ultimate appeal being to SSP Conference.
  • 4 The elected press officer should be responsible for day-to-day responses to the outside media, when members are under attack. This press officer is directly responsible, initially to the National Executive, then the National Council, and finally the National Conference.