European Socialist Alliance

The SSP supports the creation of a broad-based European Socialist Alliance. Therefore, it calls upon the incoming national office-bearers to contact all those independent socialist parties/alliances in Europe to organise a joint conference, putting forward the following proposals for discussion:

  • a) joint work and mobilisations directed against the EU leaders’ support for
    • 1.massive job cuts to make the workers pay the price for the capitalist world recession,
    • 2.privatisation, cuts in services, and casualisation,
    • 3.state/employer/trade-union partnerships
    • 4.the destruction of civil and trade union rights
    • 5.the criminal scapegoating of asylum seekers by capitalist governments whose global policies create millions of refugees and the racist policies of the European governments.
    • 6.the need for socialist measures to stop job losses and eliminate poverty including bringing the productive forces across Europe under the democratic control of the working class.
  • b) drawing up a common manifesto to put forward a joint slate of candidates in the next European Parliamentary elections.

Conference reaffirms the principled socialist stance of the SSP to Europe agreed at the 2000 SSP conference. The EU was formed to create more favourable conditions for the big companies in Europe. Our vision of Europe on the other hand is one of genuine cooperation between the millions of ordinary workers to create a socialist Europe and a socialist world.

We will carry this vision as a positive contribution into discussions on common ground between socialists in Europe, and the possibilities of forming a European Socialist Alliance.

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