We are posting the following letter from John Dennis, a longstanding trade union activist and member of the  Radical Independence Campaign in  Dumfries

Dear editor

Picking up on Ian Gray’s letter (Challenging the system – May 1st), it seems Scotland is now led by a big feartie.

Far from the radical policies he promised when standing for the SNP leadership, the “republican” Humza Yousaf is going to be “representing all of Scotland” at the wasteful Westminster shenanigans on Saturday.

Who is he trying to kid?

He’d be hard pushed to find a single Yes supporter in Scotland who condones spending £100 million on the coronation when so many families are struggling to afford basic food, housing and heating.

So, Humza will be in London representing Scotland’s No voters. And even among them, many will baulk at the absurdity and wastefulness of the ceremonies.

If he is really a republican, Humza will announce he’s staying in Scotland and publicly denounce the extravaganza.

He can then leave it to the Tories to celebrate the spectacle of Charles getting a new (or is it old?) hat fitted.

John Dennis