This article written by Robina Qreshi, Director of Positive Housing , celebrates the  victory of the residents of Govanhill in Glasgow over the UK Border Agency. She refers to past battles in Glasgow over housing led by Mary Barbour; whilst only two days following the action on 13th May, more protestors condemning the lethal actions of the Israeli state in Palestine, shouted from “Govanhill to Gaza  – Support the next Infada”



Protesters in Govanhill surround migrant removal van

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Glaswegians are in jubilant mood this morning after hundreds of protesters successfully resisted the U.K. Border Agency’s attempts to remove two asylum seekers from their neighbours and community. Those chants “these are our neighbours, let them go” were uplifting.

Jelina Berlow Rahman attended the protest as a legal observer for our charity, and, has agreed to take up the men’s cases alongside Latta & Co Solicitors. Our extensive Humans of Glasgow Network came into its own by spreading the word. The power of digital.

Yesterday’s scenes were reminiscent of Mary Barbour’s rent strikes. Shockingly, they happened in the heart of Glasgow’s Muslim community, on Eid Ul Fitr, a Muslim holy festival to mark the end of Ramadhan. It was a small victory in the face of the Home Secretary’s “new plan for immigration”. This will see asylum seekers left on the streets as soon as they reach the U.K., human rights abuses hidden from public gaze with the setting up of  asylum reception centres, and the prospect of more deaths by drowning at sea because of a lack of safe and legal routes to refuge here.

We led a strong campaign to end dawn raids 16 years ago. So we have been here before. Early morning raids cannot happen without the cooperation of Police Scotland. If the devolved body declines to get involved, with the intervention of the Scottish Government, the UK Border Agency will not be able to carry out these early morning raids and harrass our communities, including refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and those with NRPF or insecure status.

We are concerned about the prospect of further raids happening as part of Home Secretary Priti Patel’s “new plan for immigration”.

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Have a peaceful weekend,
Robina Qureshi

14th May 2021

This article was first posted at:- Glasgow Says No Pasaran To Home Secretary Priti Patel

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