In the spirit of genuine internationalism Emancipation & Liberation is posting this appeal from Russian socialist to American comrades, first posted at:-



To our Comrades in the United States of America,

As leftists from Russia, we support the struggle of progressive forces against the growing chauvinism and neoliberalism in the Unites States in the face of the Donald Trump administration. Every day, the Russia Media insists that Trump is Russia’s main ally—or, in fact, an ally of Putin’s regime. However, the Putin regime is based on the power of big capital and bureaucracy, and it is in actuality working against its own people. Any

political allies of Putin’s regime are thus enemies of working people of Russia as well. A dangerous alliance of neoliberal and neoconservative forces is emerging worldwide, aimed against the achievements of working class and democratic movements. Numerous military ventures, organized by the reactionary forces in order to strengthen dictatorships and gain excess profits, threaten mankind with war and the establishment of new fascist regimes. Far right actors such as Trump will play a vital role in this trend. We are aware that your fight is not about the substitution of Trump with Clinton, nor is it about the preservation of the ruling system. It is for democracy and social justice. We welcome all leftist, feminist, trade union, and democratic initiatives and groups that are now stepping up and resisting the absolute power of billionaires. Your struggle is ours! Only through solidarity are we, workers of the World, able to combat violence, poverty, and xenophobia and create a new world based on the ideas of equality, freedom, and progress. Long live the working people of the United States of America! Long live the solidarity struggle of all people against inequality and oppression