The announcement of Merkel’s visit is a provocation to the People of Greece. The German Chancellor is unwanted. Being the leading force of the EU and using debt as a pretext and the Memoranda as an instrument, Merkel and Germany turn the workers of Europe into slaves of the German and European Capital. She represents a Europe that unites against its workers and participates in the imperialist military campaign of the USA-EU-NATO against the Peoples of the planet so that the multinational may profit and that they may take over the markets and the wealth-producing resources.

This visit merely reflects and symbolizes the alliance of the Greek Capital with the Banks and the Capitalists of Europe, inside the EU’s framework. An alliance which aims at looting the rights, the freedom and the life of the people and the working class especially.  It is in this manner that the Greek Capital assures that the burdens of the crisis will be shed onto the shoulders of the social majority. They do not hesitate to move on to the sell-out of the country, the privatization of the public goods and the bleeding of the popular income for the sake of banks, in order to continue to rule in this rotten political system, to continue participating in the plundering of the wealth produced by the workers as well as the natural resources of the country.  They do not hesitate to catalyze any hint of democracy and popular sovereignty left so that everything is decided in Brussels, far from the ability of the people to influence and determine the developments.

Merkel and the German government represent the capitalist barbarity, the German and European multinationals, violence and undemocratic functioning of the EU. They are the foe of freedom and of the  rights of workers in Europe. This is evident from the attack to the German people itself.

Merkel is undesirable and along with her all representatives of the German and the EU imperialism Fuchtel, Reichenbach etc are unwanted as well. Because they settled in Greece as the guarantors of the disastrous policy of the Memorandum and as the intermediaries of certain economic interests.

ANTARSYA calls the people, the workers and youth to organize and participate in militant mass demonstrations against the visit Merkel against Memoranda and EU poverty, fascism, racism and war, in Athens and all the cities in Greece.

We warn the coalition of the vassals of ND-PASOK-DIMAR to not try to prevent the sovereign people from protesting. Their terrorism will not pass, we protest for a future without debt, outside of the eurozone and the EU, so as to radically improve the position of workers, with wealth and power in the hands of those who produce it. This is the only way in which the popular slogan “Merkel go home” may become meaningful.

Merkel and Samaras, Schäuble and Provopoulos, Sallas, Daskalopoulos and Draghi are the unwanted ones. So are their policies and their hated, unjust and violent world!

ANTARSYA  – Front of the Greek Anti-capitalist Left, Athens, 7th October 2012 –

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