One of the largest left meetings in Wales for years has heard renewed calls for left unity in Wales.

Forward Wales AM, John Marek, shared a platform with ex-Labour MP, George Galloway, and antiwar campaigner, John Rees in Cardiff University on January 20. The meeting attracted 300 people, many of whom were young. The meeting, British politics at the crossroads, was part of a wider campaign to launch a new electoral coalition by Galloway.

This coalition has already pledged not to contest the European elections in Scotland due to the strength of the SSP and its hoped that the left vote in Wales will not be split either, with Forward Wales claiming they have a candidate capable of uniting the left.

John Marek stressed the need to campaign in the communities as well as standing in elections, both locally and on a European level, in order to build a grassroots socialist alternative to New Labour.

Seren Issue 12 Feb. 2004