Mar 23 2002

We are fighting a dual war

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Adel is the central leader of the Afghan Revolutionary Labour Organisation. Shoaib Bhatti, editor of the Weekly Mazdoor Jeddojuhd (Workers Struggle) interviewed him on 11th November in Lahore, before the fall of Kabul.

Why were Osama and the Taliban held responsible immediately after the 11th terrorist attacks?

Osama bin Laden was wanted by America for his involvement in the Tanzanian killings [the bombing of the US embassy – editor]. While he was already considered responsible for terrorist attacks in America. Under the same allegations America and the UN had imposed economic sanctions to pressurise the Taliban to arrest Osama. And to put pressure on Pakistan’s government economic aid was linked with the arrest of Osama and creation of a broad based government in Afghanistan. Because of this economic sanction and with the efforts of the Pakistani government there were three distinct groups among the Taliban. But due to the superiority in numbers of armed men belonging to Al-Qaida and Al-Qaida economic support for the Taliban, they were reluctant to kick Osama out of Afghanistan. The killing of Ahmad Shah Masood on September 9th by two Arab militants was also linked to Al-Qaida. Ahmad Shah Masood was the only war lord who could have helped the Americans very effectively in their attack on the Taliban after the September 11th attacks.

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