May 01 2015


In the run-up to the General Election next Thursday, this year Emancipation & Liberation is devoting its annual May Day Greetings to  messages of support from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England for Steve Freeman who is standing as republican socialist candidate on an ‘internationalism form below’ in Bermondsey & Old Southwark (see and





Speech given by Steve Freeman to the first Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) AGM in Glasgow on May 31st.

Thank you to RIC comrades for inviting me – I bring greetings from republican socialists and anti-unionists in England.

I am standing as a Republican Socialist and anti-unionist in Bermondsey, a working class constituency in South London. I am standing for real democracy and social justice. I made the final decision to stand when I met comrades in Edinburgh and asked for their support and got their enthusiastic backing.
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