Jul 26 2015


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John Tummon of the Republican Socialist Alliance has written a response to  The Sun‘s revelations about a photograph from 1933 showing Zeig Heiling royals. This is a slightly edited version.




Robert Lacey (aka Lackey), a serial Monarchist apologist, was on Radio 4 on the 20th July arguing that, and I kid you not, because the British Monarchy “goes back to Alfred the Great and the mists of time”, they are a private family and therefore entitled to absolute privacy and should not have to divulge the content of their archives.

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Feb 24 2015


Murdo Ritchie (RCN) wrote the following article for  supporters of the Republican Socialist alliance. It was first also posted on Murdo’s blog  at  http://murdoritchie.blog.co.uk/2015/02/13/promoting-republicanism-20090169/.



Thomas Paine - republican internationalist in England, USA and France

Thomas Paine – republican internationalist in England, USA and France

The advocacy of socialist republicanism has very few precedents in the United Kingdom. While many organisations can make claims to republicanism, in most cases this has been rarely developed and has often seemed like it was added on as an extra to more immediately pressing concerns. It should be no real surprise that an anti-political, economic reductionism (economism), or a separatism that sought an end to London rule, and many other perspectives have used the term emptying it of any real understanding or meaning.


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Mar 24 2002

James Connolly’s appeal on the occassion of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee In 1897

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The great appear great to us, only because we are on our knees: let us rise.

Fellow Workers,

The loyal subjects of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India, etc., celebrate this year the longest reign on record. Already the air is laden with rumours of preparations for a wholesale manufacture of sham popular rejoicings at this glorious commemoration.

Home-Rule orators and nationalist lord mayors, Whig politicians and Parnellite pressmen, have ere now lent their prestige and influence to the attempt to arouse public interest in the sickening details of this feast of flunkeyism.

It is time then that some organised party in Ireland – other than those in whose mouths patriotism means compromise, and freedom, high dividends – should speak out bravely and honestly the sentiments awakened in the heart of every lover of freedom by this ghastly farce now being played out before our eyes. Hence the Irish Socialist Republican Party – which from its inception, has never hesitated to proclaim its hostility to the British Crown, and to the political and social order of which in these islands the Crown is but the symbol – takes the opportunity of hurling at the heads of all the courtly mummers who grovel at the shrine of royalty the contempt and hatred of the Irish revolutionary democracy. We, at least, are not loyal men; we confess to having more respect and honour for the raggedest child of the poorest labourer in Ireland today than for any, even the most virtuous, descendent of the long array of murderers, adulterers and madmen who have sat upon the throne of England.

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