Dec 04 2017


There has been some debate amongst the British and American Left about the nature of the challenges to the old political establishment offered by Brexiters and Trump (‘Brexit plus, plus, plus’). Some have argued that these represent fightbacks.  by the working class against the neoliberalism, albeit somewhat distorted. This blog has posted several articles which have argued that these Right populist challenges have been mounted by sections of the ruling class, not so openly compromised by the 2008 crash, in order to win wider ruling class support and launch a stepped up ruling class offensive. They have indeed successfully made appeals to  sections of the working class, but mainly those  who have lost their traditional organisations and self-confidence and are looking instead for saviours.

The recent triumph of the Right in Austria shows this process going one step further.  This has happened shortly after some other liberal and Left commentators argued that  the recent defeat of the far right Freedom Party’s presidential candidate in Austria, and  the electoral victories over Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen show that right populism is  being contained in Western Europe at least.

However, a section of Austria’s  leading traditional conservative People’s Party, led by Sebastian Kurz, decided it would break the longstanding Peoples Party/Social Democrat Party coalition and push politics to the Right. Kurz  successfully captured the Peoples Party leadership. After the recent general general election he  led the party into a new government coalition, this time  with the  Freedom Party.

Far from undermining neo-liberalism, Kurz intends to use this coalition to mount a stepped up neo-liberal offensive. This is also the trajectory of the real leaders of the Brexit and of Trump and his backers.

This article by Benjamin Opratko describes what has happened in Austria.




Kurz rebrands the conservative Peoples Party as the New Folk Party

With the two parties of the Right entering into a coalition government, Austrians can expect more neoliberalism and more xenophobia. Continue reading “AUSTRIA’S RIGHT TURN”

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