Jul 20 2018


Murdo Ritchie reviews Catalonia Reborn. How Catalonia Took on the Corrupt Spanish State and the Legacy of Franco, Chris Bambery & George Kerevan, Luath Press, 2018.



When exiled Catalan minister Clara Ponsati spoke recently in Edinburgh she had to explain why the Spanish Constitution was not a mechanism of popular protection, but a way of ordering the transition from the Franco dictatorship to a world acceptable to the Spanish elite and international imperialism. The Spanish state promoted the illusion that the referendum and the declaration of independence were against the law and a popularly agreed constitution. Regrettably, the way the so-called democratic transition was manipulated into existence is badly understood outside of Spain. Continue reading “CATALONIA: A NATION THROWN FORWARD”

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Dec 10 2013

RIC and the Catalan Struggle

The RCN supports an ‘internationalism from below’ perspective within the campaign for Scottish self-determination. Edinburgh RIC branch proposed the workshop The Break-up of the UK: the Case for ‘Internationalism from Below’ for the very successful RIC conference on November 23rd. Dundee RIC branch proposed the workshop to address the  denial of Catalan (and Basque) self determination by the Spanish state. Adam Majo of the CUP Països Catalans was one of the speakers asked to address the workshop session, Uniting Europe Against Austerity. Here is his talk first  posted on the Dundee RIC blog.




“Good afternoon, I must admit that this is my first speech in English in all my life so I’ll do my best but and I hope I can make myself understood.

Continue reading “RIC and the Catalan Struggle”

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