Jan 23 2020


E&L has been following the rise of Right national populism throughout the world. One of its distinctive features is to redefine nation-states on ethnic (cultural) grounds, with one ethnic group holding supremacy and ‘others’ targeted  for oppression and sometimes repression. On 2018  the Israeli Knesset  introduced a new Nation-State Act, which provides constitutional underpinning for what had long been, in practice, a Jewish  supremacist state. In 2019, the Indian government, led by the Hindu supremacist Narendra Modi, passed the  Citizenship Amendment Act, which targeted Muslims. These attempts to maintain states on an ethnic supremacist basis have the support of the Right populists across the globe, including the USA and UK.  Both New Labour, under Gordon Brown and the Tories under Michael Gove,  had tried to underpin British citizenship (read subjecthood) by selected cultural criteria. The current global ascendancy of of Right national populism will lead to attempts to further this process, following the election of Johnson’s Tories  and  the continuing  Brexit saga. We are reposting an interview by Thomas Crowley of Jacobin with Achin Vanaik, writer and social activist, about the impact of Modi’s attacks in India.


MODI MIGHT HAVE FINALLY GONE TOO FAR – Thomas Crowley interviews Achin Vanaik 



With the ongoing mass protests to Modi’s anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Act, India is at last seeing a real challenge to right-wing Hindu nationalism.


Over the past few weeks, protests have erupted across India, in perhaps the most extensive challenge to the Modi government since it came to power in 2014. The state has responded with brutal force, as dozens have now died in police violence aimed at protesters. The spark for the protests was the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act, pushed through the Indian legislature by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The act introduces discriminatory religious qualifications into citizenship laws. Continue reading “MODI MIGHT HAVE FINALLY GONE TOO FAR”

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Jun 22 2016



The following motion from the RISE Women’s Network will be will be put to the RISE National Forum on July 9th

re Okra Peasants struggle in Pakistan and the AWP

We note

The brave struggle for land rights by the AMP (Tenants Association of Punjab) and the Okra Peasants Movement This has been going in for 10 years. AMP and Okra Peasants are largely women who are Muslim, Christian and Secular.

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Feb 24 2015


Murdo Ritchie (RCN) wrote the following article for  supporters of the Republican Socialist alliance. It was first also posted on Murdo’s blog  at  http://murdoritchie.blog.co.uk/2015/02/13/promoting-republicanism-20090169/.



Thomas Paine - republican internationalist in England, USA and France

Thomas Paine – republican internationalist in England, USA and France

The advocacy of socialist republicanism has very few precedents in the United Kingdom. While many organisations can make claims to republicanism, in most cases this has been rarely developed and has often seemed like it was added on as an extra to more immediately pressing concerns. It should be no real surprise that an anti-political, economic reductionism (economism), or a separatism that sought an end to London rule, and many other perspectives have used the term emptying it of any real understanding or meaning.


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Sep 16 2014


Category: How they are organised,Ireland,US imperialismRCN @ 3:45 pm

John Lannon, for IMI-Standpunkt, has written this article on the  

continued use of Shannon Airport by US military forces

Margaretta D'Arcy protesting on Shannon runway

Margaretta D’Arcy protesting on Shannon runway


Shannon Airport, situated on the west coast of Ireland, used to be a busy civilian airport. The Irish government gave tax breaks for companies to set up manufacturing facilities in the nearby Shannon Free Zone; Shannon Development, which is the agency responsible for economic development in the region, attracted the multinationals in; and the airport ferried people in and out.


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Mar 23 2002

We are fighting a dual war

Category: Emancipation & Liberation,Issue 01RCN @ 7:20 pm

Adel is the central leader of the Afghan Revolutionary Labour Organisation. Shoaib Bhatti, editor of the Weekly Mazdoor Jeddojuhd (Workers Struggle) interviewed him on 11th November in Lahore, before the fall of Kabul.

Why were Osama and the Taliban held responsible immediately after the 11th terrorist attacks?

Osama bin Laden was wanted by America for his involvement in the Tanzanian killings [the bombing of the US embassy – editor]. While he was already considered responsible for terrorist attacks in America. Under the same allegations America and the UN had imposed economic sanctions to pressurise the Taliban to arrest Osama. And to put pressure on Pakistan’s government economic aid was linked with the arrest of Osama and creation of a broad based government in Afghanistan. Because of this economic sanction and with the efforts of the Pakistani government there were three distinct groups among the Taliban. But due to the superiority in numbers of armed men belonging to Al-Qaida and Al-Qaida economic support for the Taliban, they were reluctant to kick Osama out of Afghanistan. The killing of Ahmad Shah Masood on September 9th by two Arab militants was also linked to Al-Qaida. Ahmad Shah Masood was the only war lord who could have helped the Americans very effectively in their attack on the Taliban after the September 11th attacks.

Continue reading “We are fighting a dual war”

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Mar 23 2002

Why Emancipation And Liberation

Category: Emancipation & Liberation,Issue 01RCN @ 7:12 pm

Emancipation and Liberation are heady words. Yet it is vital that we give serious consideration to what we stand for – not merely what we are against.

The left is best known for being anti – anti-cuts, anti-poll tax, anti-Nazi, anti-fascist, anti-war, anti-imperialist, anti-globalisation or anti-capitalist. Some will argue that as long as we stand as socialists or communists then it will be clear that we also offer a positive alternative. Unfortunately both words have become tarnished. Socialism has been used to describe a variety of states from National Socialist Germany to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; a whole host of authoritarian populist regimes in Africa, Asia and Latin America; and the now much diminished and compromised forces of social democracy. Communism became synonymous in many people’s minds with such brutal tyrannies as those led by Stalin, Hoxha, Kim Il-Sung and Pol Pot or the dull grey bureaucracies led by Honecker in East Germany and Husak in Czechoslovakia.

Since September 11th, Bush and Blair have raised the political stakes considerably by invoking the defence of civilisation and enduring freedom. Without offering this positive vision, these politicians would find it far harder to legitimise their new-found crusade – the Coalition Against Terror. If they confined themselves to being merely against terrorism, it certainly wouldn’t take long to expose their hypocrisy. It is indeed a strange Coalition Against Terror which includes the USA, Russia, China, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan and the Northern Alliance!

Continue reading “Why Emancipation And Liberation”

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