Nov 04 2012


The RCN has been chronicling the sectarian actions of the SWP and Socialist Party in breaking up socialist unity in England and Wales (Socialist Alliance) and in Scotland (SSP). It appeared, though, that their sister organisations in Ireland had made a real breakthrough when the United Left Alliance got 5 TDs elected to the Dail last year.

 Last December, we warned there could still be problems and the ULA “might end up as little more than an electoral non-aggression pact between different participating organisations… The ULA is heavily constrained in any attempt to move forwards to a new united party by the desire of its two major components, the CWI/SP-Ireland and People before Profit (an Irish SWP front), to preserve their own control above all else” [1]. We also published an article written in March about the need to move beyond their loose alliance [2].

 Sadly the competitive sectarianism of the SP and SWP has very much contributed to the current crisis enveloping the ULA. Below we publish an article by Anne McShane from Cork, which first appeared in the Weekly Worker, and another from the October/November bulletin of Socialist Democracy (Ireland), which examine the situation from different points of view, although both share a criticism of the lack of genuine democracy in the ULA.

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