Jun 06 2020



This article explaining the politics and consequences of the defeat of Bernie Sanders’ bid to become the Democratic Party US presidential candidate was posted by Socialist Democracy (Ireland).





Joe’s my man now!

The claim about history repeating itself is often thrown around loosely but in the case of Bernie Sanders’ second bid to to be the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate it is very appropriate. Just as in 2016, his campaign galvanised hundreds of thousands of supporters (particularly amongst the young), raised millions of dollars in fund-raising, and scored a string of early victories. However, in the face of opposition from the Democratic leadership and blatant manipulation of the voting process, his campaign fizzled out and went down to defeat as he meekly folded and endorsed the establishment favourite Joe Biden. In many ways the 2020 campaign was more disappointing than that of 2016 when Bernie Sanders came from behind to win forty per cent of the delegates and push Hilary Clinton into the later rounds of the primary cycle. Continue reading “THE DEFEAT OF THE SANDERS CAMPAIGN”

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Jan 23 2020


E&L has been following the rise of Right national populism throughout the world. One of its distinctive features is to redefine nation-states on ethnic (cultural) grounds, with one ethnic group holding supremacy and ‘others’ targeted  for oppression and sometimes repression. On 2018  the Israeli Knesset  introduced a new Nation-State Act, which provides constitutional underpinning for what had long been, in practice, a Jewish  supremacist state. In 2019, the Indian government, led by the Hindu supremacist Narendra Modi, passed the  Citizenship Amendment Act, which targeted Muslims. These attempts to maintain states on an ethnic supremacist basis have the support of the Right populists across the globe, including the USA and UK.  Both New Labour, under Gordon Brown and the Tories under Michael Gove,  had tried to underpin British citizenship (read subjecthood) by selected cultural criteria. The current global ascendancy of of Right national populism will lead to attempts to further this process, following the election of Johnson’s Tories  and  the continuing  Brexit saga. We are reposting an interview by Thomas Crowley of Jacobin with Achin Vanaik, writer and social activist, about the impact of Modi’s attacks in India.


MODI MIGHT HAVE FINALLY GONE TOO FAR – Thomas Crowley interviews Achin Vanaik 



With the ongoing mass protests to Modi’s anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Act, India is at last seeing a real challenge to right-wing Hindu nationalism.


Over the past few weeks, protests have erupted across India, in perhaps the most extensive challenge to the Modi government since it came to power in 2014. The state has responded with brutal force, as dozens have now died in police violence aimed at protesters. The spark for the protests was the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act, pushed through the Indian legislature by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The act introduces discriminatory religious qualifications into citizenship laws. Continue reading “MODI MIGHT HAVE FINALLY GONE TOO FAR”

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