Nov 09 2013

PHILIP CHEVRON – 1957-2013

Philip Chevron was a guitarist with the Pogues, the London-Irish punk/traditional Irish fusion band. He died on October 10th. Stuart Munckton wrote this tribute for the Green Left Weekly, the biggest selling Australian socialist paper.

Philip Chevron - guitarist with the Pogues

Philip Chevron – guitarist with the Pogues

Philip Chevron. 
“I am a gay, Irish, Catholic, alcoholic Pogue who is about to die from cancer — and don’t think I don’t know it,” Philip Chevron, who passed away on October 8, told the Irish Daily Mail in June.

The 56-year-old Chevron was best known as the guitarist for legendary Irish folk punk band The Pogues. However, his music career goes back to the founding of The Radiators From Space in 1976 — described as Ireland’s first punk band.
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