Mar 24 2002

National Workers’ Assembly meeting – a big step forward

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The following article by Jordi Martorell is from the website of Socialist Appeal. Despite our many political differences with this grouping we thought that the piece was full of useful information concerning recent revolutionary events in Argentina. Of particular importance is the growing ability of the Argentinian working class to find new democratic, organisational forms in order to advance their struggle. Whatever the outcome, and we must do all in our power to ensure that it is a positive one for our class, there are already many lessons to be learnt from this titanic struggle.

On Saturday, February 16, thousands of workers, unemployed and members of the popular assemblies, met in the Plaza de Mayo square in the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires. This was the beginning of the National Assembly of Workers (employed and unemployed). The day after, two thousand elected delegates met at the Avellaneda Colonial Theatre, representing unemployed workers’ organisations from all over the country, but also local trade union branches, groups of workers’ in struggle, neighbourhood popular assemblies, etc.

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