Jun 17 2013


The G8 summit was held  in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, from June 17th – 18th. It is eight years since the G8 summit held at Gleneagles in July 2005. Emancipation & Liberation covered that summit quite extensively in issue no. 11 (see http://republicancommunist.org/blog/category/publications/emancipation-liberation/issue-11/). Little has changed.

The first article by John McAnulty of  Socialist Democracy (Ireland) shows the wider significance of the Enniskillen location chosen for this summit. This venue was chosen to help prop of the UK-Irish government Peace Process in the North and to maintain this as an international example of imperialist conflict resolution. As the second report, this time from eirigi highlights, massive amounts have been spent on security, with police and other security forces mobilised from across the UK. Significantly, police forces from across the UK, are now also being sent to help the PSNI manage the annual Orange Order sectarian Unionist/Loyalist supremacist marches. Legitimate attempts to protest  at Enniskillen and Belfast were clamped down on by the police, just as they were in Edinburgh and Auchterarder in 2005.  

This is followed by two earlier articles. One from Socialist Democracy (Ireland) highlights the significance of the choice of venue for the British government, and Ireland’s current position, subjected both to EU and US/British imperialism. Another from eirigi, makes an overall political assessment of the two day event.

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