Aug 01 2018


We are posting the latest update in out coverage of events in the Six Counties. This article was first posted by Socialist Democracy (Ireland) 


Capitulation to Orangeism pays off, but at what price?


                                                                                         Four Catholic families have been intimidated

                                                                                                       out of Cantrell Place in Belfast


The Orange marching season in the North of Ireland kicks off with Twelfth of July marches, preceded by the 11th night bonfires. This year the Twelfth demonstration passed almost without incident. The 11th night bonfires saw a rash of hijacking and petrol bombing in east Belfast and parts of County Down. These were protests following a court order applying fire safety rules to a bonfire. The Ulster Volunteer Force gangsters behind the hijacking believed as a matter of principle that the bonfires should be free of any legal impediment. Continue reading “A QUIET TWELFTH”

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