Jul 02 2020

In memory of Neil Davidson: The West – No Better Than All the Rest

 Allan Armstrong was reading  How the West Came to Rule – The geopolitical origins of capitalism, by How the West Came to Rule – The geopolitical origins of capitalism by Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nisancioglum, as he learned of the tragic death of Neil Davidson. This book was influenced by Neil’s work on Uneven and Combined Development at a world scale.

Allan has engaged in several debates with Neil about how Socialists can address Scottish history. He decided to write a review of Anievas and Nisancioglum’s book, and look at  aspects of British and Scottish history, through the lens they provide.

Allan  sent this review to Conter. He thought that the second  issue of the magazine would be well served if it had a number of articles  in Neil’s memory. However, the Covid-19 crisis has delayed this issue.




Challenging Eurocentric views of the world

I was reading How the West Came to Rule (HtWctR) when I learned of the death of Neil Davidson. Neil is acknowledged by the book’s authors, Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nisancioglu, as one of their inspirers.[1] HtWctR places the Uneven and Combined Development Theory (UCDT) at the centre of its analysis, referencing Neil in doing so.[2] Neil had been making a major contribution to reviving and applying this theory to global history. This led to the conference entitled ‘Uneven and Combined Development for the 21st Century’ held in Glasgow between the 5-7th September 2019. Anievas addressed this conference, albeit on another topic than HtWctR.[3] Although this conference placed historical development in Scotland under the UCDT spotlight, its contributors also examined historical developments over a far wider arena. HtWctR addresses these developments at the global level and represents the most ambitious attempt I have read to utilise UCDT both historically and geographically, whilst also drawing upon other theories. Continue reading “In memory of Neil Davidson: The West – No Better Than All the Rest”

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Jun 11 2020


Thus article, written by Josefina L. Martinez, in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, was first posted by Left Voice in the USA.




The anti-racist uprising in the United States over the brutal murder of George Floyd reopens a strategic question: How do we link the struggle against racism with the struggle against capitalist exploitation? This article draws the counterpoint between the theories of intersectionality and Marxism. Continue reading “RACISM, CAPITALISM AND CLASS STRUGGLE”

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Nov 20 2012


The magazine version of  Emancipation & Liberation has contained a Republic of the Imagination section, which has provided articles about  historical and ongoing cultural resistance against capitalism and other class-based societies.

Our blog intends to look at the cultural debates which have arisen, and which will arise in the future, within a Scottish society looking for greater self-determination, and examine them in this context. This realm of ideas allows us to make a leap now, and enter the ‘republic of the imagination’. These can then take on concrete form in the course of future economic, social and political struggles.

We hope to encourage a discussion on the wider meaning of these debates. Allan Armstrong has written the first article, which explains the thinking behind developing politics in the cultural arena.

One of these cultural debates has centred upon the role of Creative Scotland. We asked Leigh French, editor of Variant, a Glasgow-based avant-guard magazine, to write a response to the letter signed by a 100 Scottish artists in opposition to Creative Scotland’s “lack of empathy and regard for Scottish culture”.

Later we hope to deal with the debate around the introduction of compulsory Scottish texts in the English-language exam for the new Curriculum for Excellence, currently being imposed on schools here.

1.  Cultural Debates and the over the Wider Meaning of Self-Determination in Scotland – Allan Armstrong

2.  Creative Scotland – Distinction Disrupted  – Leigh French

Continue reading “FREEDOM COME ALL YE”

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