Sep 09 2020


A story of corporate corruption and seizure of land and property could be told of virtually every city in the UK. The following article from Socialist Democracy (Ireland) shows are this process takes place under the auspices of the bisectarian Belfast City Council. 



Brits Out!  – Unless they’re London developers and absentee landlords, in which case Brits very much in.

On Wednesday September 2nd, Belfast City Council’s Planning Committee passed a proposal for a new ‘Tribeca’ development – the largest property development in Britain and Ireland. The proposal was supported by the Democratic Unionist Party, the tag-along Progressive Unionist Party and Sinn Fein, despite a long history of public objection. All the other parties voted against. It will involve the demolition of much of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter and the loss of public space, including Writers’ Square – the site of most local trade union rallies. Continue reading “TRIBECA BELFAST”

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