Oct 12 2008

Republic of Letters

RCN @ 4:47 pm

The Republic of Letters is far more ancient than monarchy and of far higher character in the world than the vassal court of Britain
(Tom Paine)

The left in the UK often offers a parody of ruling class politics – a defence of Great Britain; tacit acceptance or half-hearted criticism of its central political institutions – the monarchy, Westminster, the Labour Party and TUC; behind the scenes bureaucratic manipulation and suppression of independent thought and action; a jealous sectarianism, arrogance and detestation of genuine working class power, hidden behind a false fawning worship of ‘real workers’. If we are to firmly establish a new workers’ republicanism we need to fundamentally challenge this tradition. We must begin to develop a genuinely democratic workers’ culture. We can start by re-establishing the tradition of Tom Paine’s ‘Republic of Letters’.

The organisations listed below have joined the Republic of Letters. Emancipation and Liberation is sent to them in exchange for their principal publication. We want to widen this, seeking exchanges with other organisations. We are committed to CopyLeft and welcome the publication of any article from our journal – just send us a copy and acknowledge its author and source! We will publish attributed articles from other publications. If challenged to debate over any issue, we will try to address the substantial points raised. RCN members are committed to taking a lead in SSP debates. Although these debates can be spirited they have remained fraternal. We must drive out the failed legacy of arrogant sectarianism and recreate a working class culture of genuine enquiry and debate.

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